A Wish for Wings that Work Quotes
      Live-Action Man: It's a penguin!
        Duck #1: Hey look, I'm a bird. I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth. Duck #2: Honey, I'll be taking lunch on the moon today. Duck #3: What's the red thing on the neck? Turbo prop? So where's the exhaust? Don't answer that. Duck #1: Note the mighty wings. I suspect they sputter more than flutter. (They all laugh) Opus: They're obviously jealous of my nose. Anybody would be.
          Santa: I see no penguins here whose wings merely sputter. Tonight it was courage that flew yours beyond others. Time to fly, son.
            Opus: Wait outside, Bill, and please, try not to give anybody rabies.
              Opus: Excuse me, but I simply must fly.
                George the Kiwi: My puny kiwi wings weren't big enough for Delores. Oh no, oh no... she had to have AN ALBATROSS. With great big huge LONG WINGS. He was on hormones. You heard me, read my beak: HORMONES.
                  Opus: As your records will show, Father Christmas, I am a bird. Specifically, a penguin. An embarrassing accident at birth, for which I do not blame my mother. I prefer to blame Congress.
                    Truffles: How about a water buffalo?
                      Truffles: You would not see ME trying to fly. Opus: I hope not. You're a pig. Truffles: Rhinocerous. Opus: Pig. Truffles: Rhinocerous. Opus: Pig. P-O-R-K. You know, the other white meat?
                        Opus: We're going down because penguins can't fly.
                          The Chicken: Pull up. Pull UP. Don't suck a duck into your turbines.
                          George the Kiwi: AN ALBATROSS. Suck up AN ALBATROSS. Yeah.
                            Opus: I'll be flying on Christmas Morning... I'll be flying on Christmas Day.
                              Truffles: Did you know that you've got a large rutabaga on your nose?
                              Opus: That IS my nose!
                                (Bill coughs up a hairball) Duck #1, Duck #2, Duck #3: [All together] HAIRBALL!
                                  Opus: Aerotooter, aerotooter... aerotooter?