South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Quotes
      Kyle's mom: What the heck is a Rimjaw.
      Cartman's mom: That is where you put your legs behind your head and somebody licks your ass.
      *all the parents in the room look at Cartman's mom*
        "I will do the German dance for you, it is fun, gay and tralala! I hope you will enjoy dance, ilapiyaiyay!"
        - Eric Cartman (from the film's teaser trailer)
          You Think Mr.Garrison would say "Eat Penguin Shit You Ass-Be-Lunker"
            Sheila: Terrance and Phillip,
            those Canadians!?

            Mr. Mackey: Excuse me but
            what in the heck is Terrance and Phillip?

            Sheila: Terrance and Phillip
            are two VERY untalented actors
            from Canada,
            nothing but foul language
            and toilet humor!

            Mr. Mackey: Well i guess i'll have
            to send a warning letter out to
            parents before more students see Terrance and Phillip!

            -Sheila Broflosky and Mr. Mackey

              News Anchor: Minister, parents are concerned
              about your country's entertainment, your thoughts?

              Minister: Well the film is R-rated
              and it's not intended for children and...

              Sheila: Well but of course children are going
              to see it!

              Minister: Can i finish?
              the fact is that we Canadians
              are quite surprised by your outrage!

              Sheila: You Just Don't Care!

              Minister: Can i finish? huh?
              can i, can i finish?
              the United States has graphic violence
              on television all the time.
              we can't believe that a movie
              with some foul language would
              piss you off so much!

              Sheila: BECAUSE IT"S EVIL!!!

              Minister: CAN I FINISH!?
              PLEASE CAN I FINISH!?

              (silent for five seconds)

              Minister: Okay i'm finished.

              News Anchor: But Minister
              it's not like this is the first troublesome
              thing to come out of Canada
              let us not forget Bryan Adams.

              Minister: No No the Canadian government
              has apologized for Bryan Adams on
              several occasions.

              Sheila: you Canadians are all the
              same with your beady little eyes
              and flapping heads and...

              Minister: I RESENT THAT!
              i find that racist and...

              Sheila: our children are now addicted
              to your...

              Minister: you are a racist ma'am!
              you are a racist!

              Sheila: it's going to take us weeks
              to erase the damage this film
              has done to our children!

              -News Anchor, the Canadian Minister of movies,
              and Sheila Broflosky
                Terrance: Shut your F***ing face uncle f***er!
                you're a c*** sucking a*** licking uncle f***er!
                you're an uncle f***er yes it's true
                nobody f***s uncles quite like you!

                Phillip: Shut your f***ing face uncle f***aaaa
                you're the one that f***ed your uncle, uncle f***aaaa
                you don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn
                you just f*** your uncle all day long!

                -Terrance and Phillip
                  (both laughing)
                  Terrance: Well Phillip,
                  i hope you learned something
                  through this whole experience.

                  Phillip: I did Terrance,
                  i learned that you are a boner-biting
                  D*** fart F*** face!

                  (both laughing again)

                  Terrance: you want to see the Northern Lights?
                  (lights a fart on fire, gets burned and laughing)

                  Phillip: HAHAHAHA!
                  you burned yourself to death
                  by lighting your fart!

                  Terrence: i sure did Phillip!

                  (both laughing again)

                  both: UNCLE F**KAAAAAAAA
                    Stan and Kyle: (Singing) "Why did our mothers start this war? What the f*** are they fighting for? When did this song become a marathon?"
                      Cartman: How would you like to suck my balls, Mr. Garrison?
                        The Mole:
                        Careful?Was my mother careful when she poked a clothes hanger in my heart while i was still in the womb?
                        -The Mole
                          Kyle and Cartman:
                          "Shut up, fat boy!"
                          "Hey! Don't call me fat, you f***ing jew!"
                          -Kyle and Cartman
                            Stan Kyle and Man:
                            Man:Did some one call my name?
                            Stan:whothe F&%* are you?
                            Man:oh im Brian denehy
                            Kyle:No not brian denehy!
                            Stan:So yeah get the F&%* outta here!

                            -Stan Kyle and Man
                              stan kyle and man:
                              Stan:What will brian boitano do if he was here today im sure he'll kick an ass or two cause thats what brian boitano do....
                              Man:did somebody call my name?
                              Kyle:who the f**** are you?
                              man:Im Brian denehy

                              -stan kyle and man
                                Cartman singing:On Monday shes a b&^*@ on Tuesday shes a b&^*@ on Wensday,Saturday shes a b&^*@, then on Sunday just to be different shes a super king kamehameha biatch!
                                  Cartman and Mr.Garrison:
                                  Cartman:How about you suck my balls Mr.Garrison?
                                  Kids: (gasp)
                                  Mr.Garrison:What did you say?
                                  Cartman:Oh Oh im sorry [picks up a megaphone]
                                  Cartman:How about you suck my balls Mr. Garrison?!
                                  [Mr.Garrison in shock]
                                  Stan: Holy shit dude
                                  -Cartman and Mr.Garrison
                                    Mr. Garisson and Clyde:
                                    *Mr. Garisson*: What's five times two?....
                                    *Clyde*: Twelve?
                                    *Mr. Garisson*: OK now let's try and get an answer from someone who's not a complete retard.
                                    -Mr. Garisson and Clyde
                                      what? there just words!
                                        It's been six weeks since Saddam Hussein was killed by a pack of wild boars and the world is still glad to be rid of him.
                                          Kenny unhooded:
                                          Goodbye, you guys.
                                          -Kenny unhooded
                                            Okay Kenny, everyone knows you can't light a fart on fire!