Falling Down Quotes
      Frank: Hey you there!!! What are you doing down there?
      Bill: I'm just passing through.
      Frank: Nobody said you can play through. Get off my hole.
      Jim: He said he was "passing" through.
      Frank: He's not even in uniform. Will you get off my golf course?
      Bill: I am.
      Frank: Go back the way you came.
      Jim: I don't like the looks of this guy. Let's just leave him alone.
      Frank: This is my golf course!!! If I want to play here, I will play here!!! If he gets hit with one of my balls, that's his f***** problem!!!!
      Jim: Don't yell at me. I am just here playing with you. There's the ball.
      Frank: FORE!!!! (Bill keeps walking towards them) FORE!!!
      Bill (after ducking Frank's golf shot): FIVE!!! What the hell are you trying to do?!!! Kill me with a golf ball?!!!
        Captain Yardley: Damn fine work Prendergast.
        Prendergast: F*** you Captain Yardley. F*** you very much.
          Bill: What are you doing to the street?
          Construction Worker: We're fixing it!!! What the hell does it look like???
          Bill: Two days ago, the street was fine. You mean to tell me that the street fell apart in two days?
          Construction Worker: Well, I guess so.
            Mr. Lee: Drink eighty fi cents. Pay or go.
            Bill: What's a fi? I don't know what a fi is. There's a "V" in the word. Do you have Vs in China?"
            Mr. Lee: Not Chinese. I'm Korean.
              I'm going home!

                I'll give you something to fix!