Rocky Quotes
        Rocky: Who am I kiddin'? I ain't even in the guy's league...It don't matter, 'cause I was nobody before...I was nobody. That don't matter either, ya know...It really don't matter if I lose this fight. It really don't matter if this guy opens my head, either. 'Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody's ever gone the distance with Creed. And if I can go that distance, ya see, and that bell rings, ya know, and I'm still standin', I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, ya see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood.
          Adrian: It's Thanksgiving.
          Rocky: Yea, to you it's Thanksgiving; to me it's Thursday.
            Rocky: [Rocky is trying to make out with Adrian on their first date] Will you do me a favor? Take off these glasses.
            [Rocky takes off Adrian's frumpy glasses, revealing her beautiful eyes]
            Rocky: Now take off this hat.
            [Takes off her unattractive hat, revealing her dark, lovely hair. Adrian is beautiful and Rocky is appreciative]
            Rocky: I always knew you was pretty...
            Adrian: [Adrian looks at him, disbelieving] Stop teasing me.
              Fight Announcer: What is keeping him up Bill, I dont know.
                Rocky: Cut me, Mick.
                  Rocky: I think we make a real sharp couple of coconuts - I'm dumb, you're shy, whaddaya think, huh?
                    [after Rocky finishes pounding on the raw meat]
                    Paulie: You do that to Apollo Creed, they'll put us in jail for murder.
                      Gazzo: Don't you think I hear things?
                        Rocky: What about my prime, Mick? At least you had a prime! I had no prime, I had nothin'!
                          Mickey: [to Rocky, after round 1 with Apollo] Keep hittin' him in the ribs ya see? Don't let that bastard breathe!
                            Rocky: Hey, yo, Mike, whose lock is this? Whose stuff is this in my locker?
                            Mike: It's Dipper's stuff. It ain't your locker no more.
                            Rocky: Whatta ya talkin' about it ain't my locker no more? It's been my locker for six years. Where's my gear?
                            Mike: Mickey told me to bag it. Hang it.
                            Rocky: You put my stuff on skid row? I been in that locker six years; you put my stuff in a bag on skid row?
                            Mike: Mickey tells me what to do. I gotta do it, right, Rock?
                            Rocky: Where is he?
                            Mike: Working with Dipper. He's in a baaad mood.
                            Rocky: So am I.
                              [Apollo is looking thru a book of Philadelphia fighters]
                              Jergens: What exactly are you looking for Apollo?
                              Apollo Creed: This is who I'm looking for. The Italian Stallion.
                              Jergens: Rocky Balboa? Never heard of him.
                              Apollo Creed: Look it's the name man. The I-talian Stallion. The media will eat it up. Now who discovered America? An Italian right? What better way to get it on than with one of its descendants?
                              Apollo's Trainer: He's a southpaw. I don't want you messing with southpaws. They do everything backwards
                              Apollo Creed: Southpaw nothing. I'll drop him in three. Apollo Creed meets the Italian Stallion. Now that sounds like a damn monster movie.
                                Apollo's Trainer: Hey, champ, you oughta come and look at this boy you're gonna fight on TV. It looks like he means business.
                                Apollo Creed: [blowing him off] Yeah, yeah. I mean business too.
                                  Mickey: You know what you are?
                                  Rocky: No, what?
                                  Mickey: A tomato.
                                  Rocky: A tomato?
                                  Mickey: Yeah, and I'm running a business here, not a goddamn soup kitchen.
                                    Rocky: Hey... you know how I said that stuff on TV didn't bother me none?
                                    Adrian: Yeah?
                                    Rocky: It did.
                                      Rocky: I been comin' here for six years, and for six years ya been stickin' it to me, an' I wanna know how come!
                                      Mickey: Ya don't wanna know!
                                      Rocky: I wanna know how come!
                                      Mickey: Ya wanna know?
                                      Rocky: I WANNA KNOW WHY!
                                      Mickey: OK, I'm gonna tell ya! You had the talent to become a good fighter, but instead of that, you become a legbreaker to some cheap, second rate loanshark!
                                      Rocky: [beat] It's a living.
                                      Mickey: IT'S A WASTE OF LIFE!
                                        Adrian: Einstein flunked out of school, twice.
                                        Paulie: Is that so?
                                        Adrian: Yeah. Beethoven was deaf. Helen Keller was blind. I think Rocky's got a good chance.
                                          Rocky: You stop this fight, I'll kill ya'!
                                            Rocky: You gotta be a moron... you gotta be a *moron* to wanna be a fighter.