The Burbs Quotes
      [loud gunshots are heard]
      Ray: Art's got a gun
        Art Wiengartner: Ray, do you want 'em to take your family, tear their livers out and make some kind of satanic pâté?
          Ray Peterson: [mumbling] aw, oh I should have gone to the lake, I shoulda listened to Carol...
          Art Wiengartner: Listen to your wife? Who listens to their wife? Listen, you gotta listen to me.
            Art Wiengartner: I'm telling you these people are Satanists. As I sit here, they are satanists. Look, look, the world is full of these kind of things - black masses, mutilations. Mutilations. The incubus, the succubus - I'm tellin' you, Walter was a human sacrifice.
              Ray Peterson: You dreamt you were on a plane and it crashed, you took a bus to Las Vegas.
              Art Wiengartner: If I had been on that plane it WOULD have crashed.
                Ray Peterson: It's Walter's toupee... very nice, right on the stove.
                Mr. Rumsfield: One thing about these old guys - they never leave the house without their hair. Walter left this house in a big hurry.
                  Ray Peterson: You wanna take that out of your pocket? You wanna not steal that from Walter's house?
                    Vic, Garbageman #1: The question here is garbage. Who picks up this mess?
                    Mr. Rumsfield: Who picks up this mess? Well you're going to pick up this mess, because YOU are a garbage man.
                    Vic, Garbageman #1: I pick up garbage from the cans, not out of the streets!
                      Art Wiengartner: I can see the news report now - they were a quiet family, kept pretty much to themselves. No one ever would have suspected them of foul play.
                        Ray Peterson: I've been blown up, take me to the hospital.
                        [Lays on a gurney]
                        Ray Peterson: Take me to a hospital, I'm sick. What...?
                        [Jumps up, throws the gurney in back of an ambulance than jumps on top of it]
                        Carol Peterson: Honey? I'll just find out what hospital they're taking you to and then I'll... Follow right along. Okay?
                        Ray Peterson: [Laying face down on the gurney] Okay, honey.
                          Ray Peterson: Night vision goggles? What's next, we bug their phones?
                          Mark Rumsfield: That can be arranged.
                            Ricky Butler: Hey, Mr. Rumsfield. You guys managed to knock out the power on the entire block. Maybe the whole south end of town.
                            Mark Rumsfield: Ricky, SHUT UP.
                              Ray Peterson: I'm going to go do something productive. I'm gonna go watch television.
                                Carol Peterson: Ray isn't coming out of his room until he resembles the man I married.
                                Art: Carol, We don't have that kind of time.
                                  Art: Garbies. Wait. What are you doing?
                                  Vic, Garbageman #1: Emptying garbage.
                                  Art: Into the garbage truck? Are you out of your mind?
                                    Mark Rumsfield: That really burns my ass.
                                    Bonnie Rumsfield: What?
                                    Mark Rumsfield: That old fart. He's got the best lawn on the block. And you know why? Because he trains his dog to crap in my yard.
                                      Steve Kuntz: Hey man, like when's the big unveiling? I got work today.
                                      Mark Rumsfield: Hey man, piss off.
                                        Ray Peterson: Is that some sort of a transformer...?
                                        Mark Rumsfield: It's a goddamn power company.
                                          Mark Rumsfield: [Pounds] Good solid walls...
                                          Mark Rumsfield: Good solid floors.
                                          [Someone in the basement pounds in response. Rumsfield grins]
                                          Mark Rumsfield: Oh-ho. Got somebody tied up in the ol' cellar, have yah, Rube?
                                            Mark Rumsfield: Art!
                                            Bonnie Rumsfield: Your wife is home!
                                            Mark Rumsfield: And your house is on fire!
                                            Art: My wife is home?