Forever Knight Quotes
      'ello Nicky, welcome 'ome!
      - Daniel
        Quid pro quo, Nicholas -- quid pro quo.
        - LaCroix
          I am what I am... and I don't think that Betty Ford accepts vampires.
          - Nick
            Divia: "Let go of your mortal bonds, General. We must survive at any cost. Life can cheat death. It'll always find a way. Live or die: what is your decision?"

            Lucius: "To live, Divia, to live."

            (Divia tilts Lucius' head over, growls and bites him.)
              Divia: "We are free to do what we please. To kill as often as we desire. Bathe in mortal flesh and blood. Do everything that is forbidden. No one can stop us! Everything we lust after can be ours... including love." (strokes Lucius' cheek) "Make love to me, father."

              (Disgusted, Lucius walks away. Divia turns back to look at him, her eyes yellow and fangs beared.)

              Divia (continuing): "Come to me, Lucius. Do as I say!"

              Lucius: "You are my daughter!"

              Divia: "Daughter, mother, lover -- why can't I be all three? You need someone to love, Lucius, and I NEED YOU!"

              (Lucius turns around with yellow eyes and beared fangs, growling. He is holding a scythe.)

              Divia (continuing): "Yes! Come! Touch me!"

              (Lucius swings the scythe, decapitating her.)
                I've seen stranger things in my time; men who walk through fire, children born speaking long-dead languages, and Harry Houdini had a rather nifty trick with a pair of handcuffs and a tank full of water.
                  Mortals die. Does it really matter how or when?
                    Immortality is no excuse not to floss.