Nine Months Quotes
      Truman: My dad's an asshole.
      Samuel Faulkner: Okay. Good. Um, is that something you can maybe elaborate on for me a little?
      Truman: Okay. My dad's a giant asshole.
        Marty: You know what? I ought to come over there and kick your bony little ass if I wasn't going to have my 5 year-old daughter do it!
          Gail: You keep this up and you're gonna die alone. Like a dog. Like a bum. Like Van Gogh.
            Truman: Are you alright, Man?
            Samuel Faulkner: Yes, I'm fine. I was just listening to what you were saying. Um, could you repeat it so I could get it down?
            Truman: You're an asshole, and my dad's a bastard!
              Gail Dwyer: I hate you! You did this to me you miserable piece of dick-brained, horseshit slime-sucking son of a whore bitch!
              Marty: That's perfect! I got it all on film, the kids will love it!
                Arnie: I'll shove an "Arnie Loves You" lunchbox up your ass!
                  Dr. Kosevich: You have a girl. Unless I cut the wrong cord.
                    Dr. Kosevich: We'll crack open another bottle just as soon as I circumcise your son!
                      Rebecca Taylor: Sam! My water broke!
                      Samuel Faulkner: Well, we'll get you another one!
                        Dr. Kosevich: If it's not one thing, it's your mother.
                          Samuel Faulkner: Are you sure?
                          Rebecca Taylor: I'm ten days late.
                          Samuel Faulkner: And there's no way you could have had it and just not noticed?