Robotech Quotes
      Maximillian (The Sentinels;wedding scene): "I'm an expert when it comes to these things"
        Rick Hunter: "Sometimes, I feel like a caged animal."

        Lisa Hayes: "Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Monkey, watching people go by.'

        Rick: "I'm glad I'm here with you."

        Lisa: "You're not so bad yourself."

        Rick: "Really?"

        Lisa: "Yeah. After today, I have a feeling I can get to like you."

        Rick: "Of course, because I was thinking exactly the same thing."
          Rick Hunter: "Lisa, tell Captain Gloval we lost Ben Dixon back there."

          Lisa Hayes: "Rick, I'm so sorry... The people of this ship are grateful; but they'll never truly comprehend all that you've gone through for them."
            Rick Hunter: We Made this bed,now were going to lie in it