AWA Championship Wrestling on ESPN Quotes
      Ron Trodgard:
      (During a match between Madusa Micelli and Princess Victoria, following a powerslam by Princess Victoria)
      That slam HAD to knock Madusa Micelli out! No one can withstand a slam like that!
      Verne Gagne:
      If Madusa was Smart, she'd give up now!
      Ron Trodgard:
      But, you know she won't. Madusa is a FIGHTER, not a quitter.
      Verne Gagne:
      Well, that kick from Princess Victoria sure shut Madusa up that time. Too bad she couldn't keep her down, though.
      Ron Trodgard:
      Wait a minute! Madusa is coming over HERE. She should get back in that ring!
      You have something to say to me? Say it to my face!
      Verne Gagne:
      Looks like Madusa is a little ticked off here.
      Ron Trodgard:
      But, look at this move! Princess Victoria may have her here! AND SHE DOES! What a victory!
        Madusa Miceli:
        You will NEVER defeat me, Magnificent Mimi! NEVER, I tell you! Not you, not your friends, not anyone! And not NOW, not tomorrow, not EVER!
        I will ALWAYS be the AWA Ladies' Chmapion, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it!