The Monkees on Nick Quotes
      (From the episode 'Fairy Tale')

      Dragon: "What has six eyes, six ears, and a very short life?"
      Micky: Three dumb peasants.

      (Davy dressed up as little red ridding hood):"Tra, la, la..."
      Peter: "Where you going?"
      Davy: "I'm going to my grandmothers at the other sid of the forest, she's sick and I have some good things for her."
      Peter: I wouldn't do that, the wolf has eaten her up and he's planning to do the same for you.
      Davy:"Sure kid and the cow jumps over the moon."

      Peter: "Hello there. Is any thing a matter?
      (Micky dressed up as Goldielocks): "Hi, plenty's a matter. My name's Goldielocks. And I'm so tired and hungry and I'm going to go to that cottage down there and get something to eat."
      Peter: "Oh well hey, you better not do that because three bears live there and if they find out that somebody sat in their chairs and ate their pouradge and slept in their beds they are going to be very angry."
      Goldielocks (Micky): Ah don't worry, nothing can happen to me.
      Peter: "How come?"
      Goldielocks: " BECAUSE I'M A MEAN LITTLE GIRL!"