Kids' Court Quotes
      Paul Provenza:
      With all the evidence unfortunately. It's not enough. I am afraid you been found guilty!
        John Henry Kurtz:
        "Kids' Court" was recorded in front of the live studio audience at Nickelodeon Studios, Located at Universal Studios Orlando Resort in Florida.
          Paul Provenza:
          You heard the arguments you heard the discussion it is now time to bring out the "Honorable Judge'O Meter" to measure your vote. Remember: Scream as loudly as you can. That is the only way he can respond.
            John Henry Kurtz:
            What you about to see is based on the real case. The names and faces were changed to protect the innocence. (Two kids would comment what their situation problem is) Having a situation problem? Need to sound off? Take your kids to "Nickelodeon Kids' Court", The first court show where kids rules. And now, Here is your host: Paul Provenza.
              Paul Provenza:
              Is it fair or unfair?
              Kids in the studio audience:
                Paul Provenza:
                Kids Court is now in session! (bangs his gavel)