Don't Bother to Knock Quotes
      Jed Towers: Does that mean come on over?
      Nell Forbes: Yes. If you like.
      Jed Towers: Two minutes.
      Jed Towers and Nell Forbes
        Jed Towers: Why didn't you tell me you were working here?
        Nell Forbes: I'm not. I'm just doing it for tonight.
        Jed Towers: Yeah, I know. You're an heiress. Tomorrow morning, you'll ride through your estate side saddled.
        Nell Forbes: She made you say that!
        Jed Towers and Nell Forbes
          Jed Towers: I said: "look, I believe in a drink, a kiss or a laugh now and then". And that's the way it would be. "Fine" she said, I can hear her saying it now. "Fine, I like to laugh".
          Lyn Lesley: I still like to laugh. But not at myself. I just don't want any of it any more. Life's too long.
          Jed Towers: Alright, I'll send you a valentine. What do you want? Hearts and flowers? Forever and ever? Love?
          Lyn Lesley: Don't be afraid to say it. It's not a dirty word.
          Jed Towers and Lyn Lesley
            Lyn Lesley: Go back to Chicago. Find another bar. Find another girl.
            Jed Towers: And find another wedding ring? Marriage isn't the answer to everything you know.
            Lyn Lesley: Who's talking about marriage?
            Jed Towers: Weren't you?
            Lyn Lesley: No. But I'm sure that's all you thought I had on my mind. That's where you're wrong. That's just the point. I wouldn't want to marry you.
            Jed Towers: Why not?
            Lyn Lesley: It's something to do with the way you are.
            Janey: They're all finished Mr. We got a new process that develops them right away.
            -Jed Towers, Lyn Lesley and Jayney
              Jed Towers: Are you alright?
              Ruth Jones: Yes.
              Jed Towers and Ruth Jones
                "I'm frightened! I think something's happened!"
                  Jed Towers: Are you the girl in 809?
                  Nell Forbes: Why, yes. Who's this?
                  Jed Towers: I'm the guy in 821. Across the court. Can I ask you a question?
                  Nell Forbes: I don't know. I suppose so. Are you sure you want me?
                  Jed Towers: Yeah. You're the one I want, alright. Are you doing anything you couldn't be doing better with somebody else?
                  Nell Forbes: I guess I'll have to hang up!
                  Jed Towers: Why? You cant get hurt on the telephone.
                  Nell Forbes: Who are you?
                  Jed Towers: I told you. The man across the way. A lonely soul.
                  Nell Forbes: You sound peculiar.
                  Jed Towers: I'm not peculiar. I'm just frustrated. I got a bottle of rye. And as I waas saying, what are you doing?
                  Nell Forbes: What's your name?
                  Jed Towers: Billy.
                  Nell Forbes: Oh...
                  Jed Towers: What's the matter? Don't you like Billy?
                  Jed Towers and Nell Forbes
                    Nell Forbes: You look so different in those clothes.
                    Eddie Forbes: I'm different all the time.
                    Nell and Eddie Forbes