Wild America Quotes
      *About his older brothers: Marty and Mark*
      Marshall - They were most dangerous when they had a camera in their hands. They had a camera in their hands a lot.
        *After Marshall Almost Drowns*
        Mark- Are you OK (Marshall knods his head)...yeah?
        Marshall- yeah i'm OK
        Mark- Are you sure?
        Marshall- yeah i'm fine
        Mark- Alright
        (sees a man standing infront of Marshall)
        Mark- Who the hell are you?
        (Marty running over to them)
        Marty- I got it...I've got it all on film its dynamite, best yet
        Mark- Oh com'n Marty what's wrong with you out brother almost drowned...I mean he almost died
        Marty- You're OK aren't you Marshall
        Marshall- Yeah i'm OK
          *Talking about their plans for the documentary*
          Marshall: snakes, eagles, fish anything that is getting killed off
          Marty Sr.,Marty Jr.,Mark: Beat It!
            *After hitchhikers stole their food,sleeping bags ect. from their truck*
            Marty- We have to rely on ourselves
            Mark- Now we have Dad talking
            Marshall- Yeah...Dad could send us some money
            Marty- Yeah maybe he could fly it over and drop it off
            Marshall- Yeah maybe he could
            Mark- That's right Marshall maybe he could
            Marty- (talking to Marshall) Dad has never flown a plane in his life
            Mark- Hey cut it out Marty
            Marty- He was only a mechanic, scared of heights...just like you (shoving Marshall)
            Mark- I said leave him alone Marty
            Marshall- That's a lie Dad has flown lots of times...tell'm Mark
            Mark- (whispering to Marshall) look, Marshall I want you to get in the car alright buddy
            Marty- What's this, you Marshall protector from asshole to angel I must of missed the great transformation, you know you never wanted to make this film in the first place Mark...why don't you go back to the shop where you belong, grease monkey
              *After Marshall flies through the air into a mud puddle after the race*
              Marshall- Who won? (after pinking his head up from the mud)
              Donna Jo- (talking to Marshall) Are you alright? (talking to Marty and Mark) You could've killed him
              Marty- (talking to Marshall) Ah your fine
              Mark- He's fine
              Marshall- I'm fine Marty
              Donna Jo- You guys are great there is no way we would se guys doing stuff like that at the university...Damn all boys study or throw footballs...it takes an imaginative guy to think of something like this (talking about the race) the kind of guy who considers shooting out street lights quality entertainment, the kind of guy who would risk his little brother's life for some stupid race...Don't be an asshole Marty
              Marty- You're right Donna Jo it was stupid...dumb idea all the way around
              Donna Jo- grow-up and when you do give us a call (talking to her sister) com'n Tanna
              Marshall- (talking to Marty) You really think you had a dumd idea
              Marty- yeah
              Marshall- That's cool Marty, real cool
                Anges Stouffer(The mom):
                If you boys have been throwing any more fire crackers in my pool again, I'm gonna beat your butts until your nose bleeds!
                -Anges Stouffer(The mom)
                  *after Mark fell and broken his leg* No, Mom, he's fine, he just fell down a mountain.