The Parent Trap Quotes
      Dad whats Marideth doing here?- Hallie (in her dark blue shirt; behind the jeep.)
      Nick: be nice...
      Mom thats not the plan. - Annie

        hallie [playing as ainne]: if almost i who chessy
        chessy: no one just forget about it
        halie: if almost if i was ainne?
        chessy:... you know about ainne?
        ainne: actually i am ainne
        chessy : ....
          Hallie: [with Oreos] Want one?
          Annie: Oh, sure. I love Oreos. At home, I eat them with... I eat with peanut butter.
          Hallie: You do? That is so weird. [gets peanut butter]
          Hallie: So do I.
          Annie: You're kidding? Most people find that totally disgusting.
          Hallie: I know. I don't get it.
          Annie: Me either.
            Elizabeth James: [having drink with Meredith] Here's to... here's to you. May your life be far less complicated than mine.
              Martin, the James' Butler: I found a stowaway in your suitcase.
              [holds up her stuffed toy Cuppy]
              Hallie as Annie: [whispering] Oh my God. Cuppy.
                Hallie as Annie: [crying, seeing her mother for the first time] I'm sorry, it's just I've missed you so much.
                Elizabeth James: I know, it seems like it's been forever.
                Hallie as Annie: You have no idea.
                  Annie: That girl is without a doubt, the lowest, most awful creature to ever walk the planet!
                  Hallie: [watching from outside] Thank you, thank you very much.
                    Annie as Hallie: I know what mystery my father sees in you.
                    Meredith Blake: You do?
                    Annie as Hallie: You're young, beautiful, sexy, and hey the guy is only human, but if you ask me marriage is supposed to be based on more then just sex, right?
                      Meredith Blake: First change I make is to send that two-faced little brat off to boarding school in Timbuktu.
                      Richard, Meredith's Assistant: Ooh, Ice Woman!
                      Meredith Blake: Proud of it, babe!
                        Nick Parker: [hiking] I'm going to take the lead. You two help Meredith.
                        Meredith Blake: [looks at the girls] Sure you'll help me. Right over a cliff you'll help me.
                        Hallie: [whispering to Annie] Not a bad idea.
                        Annie: Yeah, see any cliffs?
                          Annie: Any of your pictures ruined?
                          Hallie: Only the beautiful Leo DiCaprio...
                          Annie: Who?
                          Hallie: You've never heard of Leonardo DiCaprio? How far away is London anyway?
                            Hallie: [playing poker with Annie at camp] I'll tell you what. I'll make you a little deal. Loser jumps into the lake after the game.
                            Annie: Excellent.
                            Hallie: Butt naked.
                            Annie: Even more excellent. Start unzipping Parker. Straight, in diamonds.
                            Hallie: You're good James, but, you're just not good enough. In your honor, a royal flush.
                              Nick Parker: [after explaining to Elizabeth why they returned early from the camping trip] So, where's Chessie? I'm starving.
                              Elizabeth James: Well, she and Martin went off to a picnic around noon. Yesterday.
                              Nick Parker: [Impersonating Cary Grant] Really. Who would have thought. My nanny, your butler.
                                Nick Parker: You know, sometime if we're ever really alone maybe we could talk about what happened between us. You know it's all a bit hazy to me now. It ended so fast.
                                Elizabeth James: It started so fast.
                                Nick Parker: Well, that part I remember perfectly.
                                  Hallie as Annie: Seeing all these wedding dresses, doesn't it make you think about the "f" word?
                                  Elizabeth James: The "f" word?
                                  Hallie as Annie: My father!
                                    Nick Parker: I told Hallie.
                                    Meredith Blake: You did? And?
                                    Nick Parker: She went ballistic. She started yelling in French. I didn't even know she spoke French.
                                      Annie and Hallie:
                                      Annie: "Don't shut YOUR eyes!"
                                      Hallie: "Oh, sorry. I just got a little nervous."
                                      Annie: "YOU'RE nervous? An eleven year-old's cutting my hair!"
                                      -Annie and Hallie
                                        Elizabeth James:
                                        Nick Parker and I have absolutely nothing in common!
                                        -Elizabeth James
                                          Elizabeth James:
                                          Now, let's do what we should be doing and be done with it. Understood?
                                          -Elizabeth James
                                            Hallie Annie:
                                            You wanna know the *real* difference between us?' 'Let me see... I know how to fence and you don't... Or I have class and you don't. Take your pick.
                                            -Hallie Annie