The Glimmer Man Quotes
      Jim Campbell: Uh, Mr. Lovebeads. You're gonna have to seek high enlightenment somewhere else.
        Millie's father: You look like you just came from a riot.
        Campbell: Thanks.
        Cole: He looks like he just came from a riot.
          Campbell: Excuse me, Melanie. I've got to hurry back to the 90s now.
            Campbell: Why don't we just get you some red boots and a cape? That way, you can fly around the city and stop all the crimes.
              Jack Cole: Crying is good for you. It cleanses the soul. It clears you right up.
              Campbell: If I need a cleansing, I'll have a bran muffin. Thank you very much.
              Jack Cole: You ain't going to find one here.