Together With Lord Sessoumaru for ever
    Season 1Episode 1
    Episode no. 162.
    Rin gets Kidnapped and it's up to Sesshy to save the day...
    Original rules.....
    The Girl Who Overcame Time... and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome
      Season 1Episode 1
      InuYasha attacks a village and steals the Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon Jewel). Just as he about to escape, the priestess Kikyo shoots an arrow at Inuyasha and seals him to a tree. Kikyo dies telling her younger sister Kaede to burn the Jewel of Four Souls with her remains.

      In the modern era, Kagome Higurashi is a 15 year old girl in middle school and the daughter of a family of shrine keepers. Just as she is about to leave for school one day, her brother Sôta asks her to fetch their cat, Buyo, who has gone into an old shrine with an ancient well. The task doesn't take more than a few minutes, but before she can leave, an evil spirit grabs her and takes her into the well. Kagome and the spirit are surprised when Kagome manages to fend her off.

      She emerges from well, but discovers she is in a forest rather than her family's shrine. Kagome goes into a forest and finds odd looking young man pierced onto a tree. Curious, she plays with his odd looking ears, but is caught in the act by some villagers convinced she is a demon of sorts from her odd manner of dress. The villagers take her to a feudal village, where the elderly priestess, Kaede, tries to purify her. Kagome announces she is not a demon and upon closer inspection, Kaede accepts the proclamation on the grounds that Kagome looks exactly like her older sister, Kikyo.

      Kagome discovers at dinner she is in the past and Kaede has no idea how Kagome can return to the present. That night, the evil spirit from the well, a demon known as Mistress Centipede, attacks the village seeking the Shikon Jewel. Realizing that Mistress Centipede is attacking the village because of her, Kagome runs into the forest until she reaches the tree where the odd looking young man, Inuyasha, is sealed.

      To her surprise, Inuyasha is now awake and now mockingly tells her to finish him off, since she failed to accomplish that task fifty years ago. Confused, Kagome demands he explain, to which he angrily acknowledges her as Kikyo. The two argue about Kagome's identity, to which Kagome vehemently denies being Kikyo until Inuyasha insults her by agreeing with Kagome on the basis that Kikyo was much prettier.

      Mistress Centipede arrives and attacks Kagome by bitting her in the hip. The Shikon Jewel comes out of her body. Kagome is pinned the the tree by Mistress Centipede, who devours the Shikon Jewel. In exchange for saving her life, Inuyasha tells her to pull the arrow out of him so he can kill the demon. Kaede and villagers are reluctant to agree to the request and Kaede doubts that anyone can break Kikyo's spell anyhow. However, faced with their current choices, Kagome decides to free him and Kaede is surprised that Kagome is able to break the spell.

      Inuyasha kills Mistress Centipede in one single stroke. The villagers are now in frightened because Inuyasha is free. Kagome picks the jewel up and Inuyasha threatens to kill Kagome if she does not give him the jewel.

      Seekers of the Sacred Jewel
        Season 1Episode 2