The Journey
    Season 1Episode 1
    A small Toad is making his way back to home towards the woods, doging trucks and machines, which are devoring a small wood to make room for housing estates. The little toad was caught up in a machine with a giant folk , that came and buried him deep beneeth the ground.

    Elsewhere, a small band of animals where examming the damage as more homes have been destroyed one by one. A Fox came by and shook his head at the sitution, All of them where worried about what was going to come of them as the wood was been little by little destroyed. Fox decides to hold up a meeting for all of the woodland creatures to decide what they are going to do. After rounding up the animals, one by one,

    They attend to the meeting led by fox who begin to discuss about the damage. Elsewhere Toad was recovering from his incident and made his way towards the meeting. Who suprised everyone with his appearance. They slowly tell him about his home been filled in. Toad morn over the loss of home. Fox informs everyone that Because of the machines they are finished and have no where to live. Toad then tells everyone about the place he has been to while captured by a small human child a little while back. (Which explianed his disaperance during a certain period.) Everyone intriuged by this new paradise decide they must go there since, they have little choice of where to go. After Electing Fox to be their leader because of his intelligent mind and bravery and concern for everyone. Despite Hare's protest, it was decided, and an oath was formed towards everybody to look after each other and help one another in harmony, the meeting was over and their destination was White Deer Park! Badger informed everyone to go back home, clean up their coats and eat their last meals and get ready to leave with their famliys to leave by midninght under the great beach tree. The ending seqence closed with Adder eating a fire fly.
    Off to White deer park
      Season 1Episode 2
      The Animals of the wood all gather round to prepare for the long journey they have ahead of them, Mole was missing however and when he did appear (Who nobody noticed) Adder said nasty things about him which cause Mole to dig under. badger Deeply concerned decided to go and find him while Fox and the others make the Journey ahead.

      Badger bustled his way though the wood muttering of where has that Mole gone to, he stops in a clearing where he could see Mole clearly, stopping him in his tracks! Badger Talks to him, but Mole refuse to go with them Badger asks why? Mole explains in his sobbing Nobody wants him and that Adder has said his was useless and tasteless Badger comforts/consoles him that Adder didn't mean what she said and he likes him in a fatherly manner saying to him that he will look after him all the way.

      After confirming their friendship, Badger and Mole made way to the group who suprisely decide to wait for them. Badger explains that there was just a miss understanding that's all. The Animals made their way....