The Lost Zoo
    Season 1Episode 1
    This episode begins with a Poler bear named Noah who longs to bring a whole community of Animals onto his special Island to live in peace and safety, as one big Famliy. His dream comes to reality one day when a ship carrying a whole zoo of animals imagrating towards a better zoo gets shipwreck during a very bad Thunderstorm accross the sea and ends up leaving the zoo animals abandoned on the unknown island that they don't know about. Even after they Meet Noah, they refuse to asoscialitte with the ecssentic, wildy, idealistic Polar Bear. But can Noah convenice them to settle down on his island with the big promise of a very special paradise named Diamantina?
    Reg takes charge
      Season 1Episode 2
      Having won the animals interest, Noah is still trying to make them coroperate into one community. However Reg who thinks Noah is crazy with his eccentric ways, Protests against it with his own idea of each animal having their own country.

      The two animals both agrue over their different ideas, however Reg wins and leaves Noah to it.

      While some of the remaining animals try to make amends with their own matters. Noah takes the time to recruit a small band of animals who find certain jobs around the volcano center of the island.

      Meanwhile, All of the Animals are finding it difficult to adjust to their new tertiorys after suffering setbacks, forcing them to come crawling back, eventrully realising that Noah was right about been working/living together as a famliy.

      Reg, later shows up to in rage that some of the animals have came accross his property. Noah and his closest allies try to reason with Reg to join them, but Reg refuses with his stuborn ideas, just as a beehive come crashing aupon his head, making him unconsious as Womera and Rocko carry their First patient to the Infermory, leaving Noah to reconsider that this idea of his isn't going to be easy as he thought.....
      Sasha finds a Home
        Season 1Episode 3
        While Noah is having a bath, he explains to mammoths body of his plan to rescue more animals from spain as Mammoths body waits impatiently to spray/shower Noah as Noah talks on, However Noah gives his permisson and Mammoth's body sprays him, but as he refills himshelf he accidently gets a jellyfish stuck up his trunk!

        Noah hurries him to the infermeriy where Woamera is impatient with Rocko (Who is peacefully resting on the operating table.) knocks him off saying that they have a patient for them. Rocko grumbles at the cross kangeroo as he performs his karate choping skills on mammaoh's body trunk freeing him of the jellyfish. Mammothsbody thanks Rocko and Noah, solometh comes in and mamoth's body tries to purpose for her again, when slolomey sees the jellyfish, she is disgusted and rejects him again!

        Mammoth's body tries to ask Problem walus help on how to win slomey, Problem walrus explians harshly to Mammoths body puposrly that he is slow, dim whitty and clueless, Heartbroken, mammoth's body walks off thinking about this.

        The vulture protal rescue a russian desman fvrom a spanish circus named Sasha, who unfortaunly gets an unpleasured ride with the leader of the protral. He is later found out by Noah who has come to fing out what the cormotion is about, imedenlenly befriends sasha and develops a close bound with him.
        Sasha's Busy Day
          Season 1Episode 4
          Elephant Trouble
            Season 1Episode 6
            The search for the baby elephant
              Season 1Episode 7
              overprotecive, Mrs Elephant has fainted again due to her son's continuing dissapering act, The animals try to console her, saying he will arrive back like before, mrs elephant however, is still not convinced, wonders where on earth has her baby gone. Noah, outraged at the sitution, blames sasha for the sitution and sends Sparky to find him. Meanwhile Sasha is relaxing when he hears Noah demanding him, he lazlily responds saying it is not his fault the baby elephant keeps running away from him, even though sparky tries to tell sasha Noah is very angry at him for this disaster. Noah eventrully finds sasha and crossly threatens him unemployment, if he does not find that elephant within the day.

              Meanwhile the other animals try to find the elephant's son, but Rocko is playing tricks with woamera,