Batteries Not Included
    Season 1Episode 1
    The kids "trash out" and set out to discover why batteries are causing all of the children's toys to self destruct. In the movie spoof, "Junkoid Zone Aliens," aliens land on Earth and accidentally unleash giant ants on mankind.
    Honest Abe Has a Close Shave
      Season 1Episode 2
      When Wrinklin Lincoln's head is stolen from Mount Rushmore, the kids head off to Egypt, where it's been mounted on a recently discovered headless Sphinx, to recover it. In the movie spoof "Pie Fight in the Okee Dokee Corral," Clint Hardwood has to recover his stolen stagecoach and friends from Butch Casualty and Sunburnt Kip.
      Justin Cleans Up
        Season 1Episode 3
        The kids' car, Rustin' Justin, is stolen by a millionaire who restores the rare car to its former glory. Justin doesn't want to return to the junkyard... until he learns that his new owner intends to sell him. In the movie spoof, "Idaho Spud and the Temple of Trash," Idaho Spud and Plain Jane head into the jungle to unearth the treasures of the temple of trash.
        The House That Dripped Crud
          Season 1Episode 4
          The kids spend the night in haunted Morley Manor, where they come face to snout with an assortment of monsters and ghosts. In the movie spoof, "Oops the Disaster Movie," Richard Dryfish goes fishing for sharks, but his actions create a domino effect -- both on land and sea.
          Green Dean Goes Out of His Bean
            Season 1Episode 5
            The kids have to stop a mutant plant before he eats the entire town. In the movie spoof, "Savage Stuart the Barbarian" sets out on a quest to rescue Princess Ugh.
            Elliot Messed Up
              Season 1Episode 6
              The kids take turns caring for a destructive stray dog. In the movie spoof, "R.A.L.F.," an alien named Reject gets booted onto earth, but humans quickly have enough of him too when his voracious appetite gets too big.
              Mona Loser
                Season 1Episode 7
                The kids travel back in time to return the smile to the face of Leonard DeSquinty's famous painting, Mona Loser. In the movie spoof, "Supernerd" (aka Nat Nerd) has to stop Lex Lumpy, who's stealing candy stores.
                Chris Messin' August
                  Season 1Episode 8
                  When an imposter Santa comes to town, he encourages all of the children to be extra naughty so that they'll get Christmas presents. In the movie spoof, a scientist goes to the jungle to bring back overgrown ape "Kinky Konk," but the creature winds up fleeing through America when he learns that he'll be subjected to lab testing.
                  An Egg-citing Adventure
                    Season 1Episode 9
                    Clogged Duane's father leaves him in charge of an ostrich egg, but problems arise when the egg hatches and the ostrich winds up on the loose in search of its "mama." In the movie spoof, James Bland sets out to foil the evil "Goldenthumb."
                    Heartless Hal
                      Season 1Episode 10
                      A cupid named Hal wreaks havoc at school on Valentine's Day, causing everyone to fall in love. In the movie spoof, "The Unmentionables," Elliot Nest sets out to put the kibosh on lemonade pusher Al Kapow.
                      A Rhyme in Time
                        Season 1Episode 11
                        When Patty Putty realizes that Jack and Jill are missing from an old storybook, she and her friends go into the book to find them. In the movie spoof, "The Pink Cat's Eye," Inspector Klutzo takes a case and attempt to recover marbles stolen by The Figment.
                        The Land of Odd
                          Season 1Episode 12
                          When a tornado hits at the local carnival, Kit, Duane and Patty wind up being swept off in hot air balloon Cheryl Peril to the Land of Odd. In the movie spoof, a chimp who can't get a job doing Shakespeare dons a dress and becomes famous as "Shurly Dimples."
                          A Fishy Story
                            Season 1Episode 13
                            The kids keep a mermaid's family from losing their underwater ranch. In the movie spoof, a boy genius creates a transport machine, but thanks in part to his sister's carelessness, he winds up mutating into "The Fry."