The kite
    Season 1Episode 1
    It is a very breezy day in pontypandy and Sam can't phone Sharah and James because the phone lines are dead, Bella cannot get any bread ordered either. Trevor who is dropping the twins off at the park promises to teach them how to fly a kite even though they already know.

    At the fire station, Sam and his crew are called to sort an incident out on the road which happens to be the main phone pole!

    Meanwhile, Norman has been sent out outside by his mum Dilys to get some fresh air......At the park, Trevor tries to untangle the kite which ends up been blown away in the wind, Trevor gives chase as Norman price comes the other way to trevor's path, he misses though only hurting trevors hand in progress.

    As the fireman crew get ready to put the pole back in it's place they completed the job so fairly.

    The kite who trevor lost before is flying up in the air finally entangling itshelp on Dillys roof. Fireman sam and his crew who happen to be passing by spotted it and decide to bring it down, Sam climbs up and has a little dififculty getting it off but with a little encourragement from his friends he mange to complete the job. As the same moment, the twins Inform their uncle about trevor's incediant. Just a simple hurt as officer steele would put it as he bandged it easliy. Trevor apoliges to the twins for his carelesness. Fireman sam however suprises the twins by showing them their kite tied up on a park post.