Space Pilot 3000
    Season 1Episode 1
    The date: December 31,1999.
    A pizza delivery boy named Fry is accidentally cryogenically frozen. He awakes in the year 3000 to a surprising new world. He meets a cyclops girl, Leela, who tries to force him to install his delivery boy career chip. But Fry just wants to start a better life and runs away. He runs into a smart-mouthed robot, Bender, when he mistakes a suicide booth for a phone booth. Fry convinces Bender and Leela to quit their jobs and they go to Fry's only remaining relative, his greatx20 nephew, Professor Farnsworth. They join his delivery company, Planet Express, and Fry becomes a delivery boy again.
    Episode Two: The Seires Has Landed
      Season 1Episode 2
      Fry, Leela and Bender meet the rest of the Planet Express crew: Hermes Conrad, a Jamaican beuracrat; Amy Wong, a billionare heiress who's interning at iengineering; and Dr. Zoidburg, a crab-like doctor. Leela is named the new captain and her first mission is to deliver a package to the moon. Fry is excited until he learns that most of the moon is covered by a cheesy amusement park and the site of the first lunar landing has been lost for years. He takes a go-kart from a ride with Leela in it and they explore the surface. When their oxygen runs low, they must stay at a farm to work for it. Bender sleeps with one of the farmer's robot daughters and they are chased to the first lunar landing area. Amy uses a giant magnet from the ship to drag them back to earth, while Bender sings a twisted folk song.
      I, Roomate
        Season 1Episode 3
        Everyone is getting sick of Fry's slobby lifestyle around the Planet Express building. He agrees to move in with Bender, who lives in a tiny, cramped apartment. Fry and Bender move into a larger and nicer apartment after a friend of Prof. Farnsworth's conveniently dies. But the other tenants get upset with Bender because his antenna interferes with their tv reception. Bender moves back to his old apartment, but really misses Fry. Guilt ridden, Fry moves back with Bender and discovers the actual apartment Bender took for a closet. He decides to move into there, leaving Bender to question the sanity of humans.
        Love's Labours Lost In Space
          Season 1Episode 4
          Leela is upset with her love life. She just can't find a guy suitable enough for her taste. While on a mission to rescue animals from a soon to be destroyed planet, the crew runs into famous general and starship captain Zapp Brannigan. Leela hopes that he'll help them, but Zapp is just a self-proclaimed ladies man who sees Leela as his next conquest. He tries to get Leela to join him in his "lovenasium". She sees right through his ploy, but Zapp breaks down and confesses that life as a captain is extreely lonely. Leela waks up next to him in the morning. The crew arrives at the planet and don't manage to rescue the animals, though Leela adopts a cuddly pet she names Nibbler, who suprisingly helps them escape the doomed planet.
          Fear of a Bot Planet
            Season 1Episode 5
            The crew must make a delivery to a planet inhabited by human hating robots. Bender is captured. Fry and Leela go to the planet in disguise to rescue him. But once there, they discover Bender is being hailed as a human-killing hero. He refuses to leave, but must decide whether he should kill his friends or face the truth when Fry and Leela are discovered.
            A Fishful of Dollars
              Season 1Episode 6
              Since he was frozen, Fry's bank account has accumulated $4.2 billion in interest. When he discovers this, he spends a lot of it on things that remind him of the twentieth century. He soon discovers that anchovies-his favorite pizza topping-has been extinct for years (ever since Zoidburg's species came to Earth...). At an auction, he buys the last can in existence. Mom, founder of Mom's Friendly Robot Company, sees this as a threat to her business because only she knows that a single anchovie has DNA that can produce enough oil for at least ten robots forever. She schemes to steal Fry's fortune until he gives her the anchovies.
              My Three Suns
                Season 1Episode 7
                Bender is inspired by Elzar, the six-armed alien with his own cooking show. He becomes the ship's new cook. On a journey to a planet in the Forbidden Zone, he feeds the crew an incredibly salty meal. Fry journeys under the planet's scorching heat from its three suns. As he reaches the palace, he drinks a bottle of blue liquid lying on the throne. Fry later discovers the liquid was the planet's emperor and the person who kills the emperor becomes the new one. Fry abuses his new power and infuriates Leela. She decides to leave just before the coronation ceremony. But Fry's life is immediately put in danger when the old emperor is discoved to be alive and well...inside Fry's stomach. Now Fry needs Leela's help if he's going to get the emperor out of him and keep the planet's subjects from killing him to do just that.
                A Big Piece of Garbage
                  Season 1Episode 8
                  After losing a science award to Wernstrom, one of his former pupils, Professor Farnsworth builds the Smelloscope, adevice that can smell galaxies far away. Fry tries it out and discovers that a giant garbage ball sent into space a thousand years ago is heading back to earth. Thr crew tries to put a bomb on to the garbage ball to destroy it, but the professor put the timer in the wrong way and Bender throws it away from the ball in panic. The professor calculates that they need something to bounce it back into space, something around the same mass and density as garbage. Fry comes up with a solution: why not use garbage? It first seems impossible because everything is recycled. Fry shows everyone in New New York how and the new garbage ball knocks the old one into space forever.
                  Hell Is Other Robots
                    Season 1Episode 9
                    Fry, Bender and Leela party at a Beastie Boys concert. After the show, Bender meets and old friend, Fender, who invites him to "jack on" electricity. This leads Bender to abuse electricity, and nearly kill the crew when he directs the ship toward an electrical field. Bender is starting to feel bad about his electricity addiction, so he turns to the religion of Robotology. He promises to stay faithful to his religion or face eternal suffering in Robot Hell. He becomes too much of a goody-two-shoes towards everyone and Fry and Leela decide to "reacquaint him with a little thing called sleaze" in Atlantic City. Bender becomes his old self, but is whisked away to Robot Hell by Beelzebot, the Robot Devil. Leela and Fry must rescue him and take part in a fiddle playing contest to save their souls. (Guest starring the Beastie Boys as themselves and Dan Castellaneta as Beelzebot)
                    When Aliens Attack
                      Season 2Episode 1
                      Fry and the crew are spending Labor Day having fun on the beach when aliens invade Earth! Lrrr, their leader demands that the humans give them "McNeal". This,of course, makes Earth President McNeal very nervous, so he calls on Zapp Brannigan to start an all-out war against the aliens. When nothing works, Zapp hands over President McNeal to the aliens. But Lrrr says this isn't the McNeal they've been searching for. He wants the 90's tv show "Jenny McNeal:Single Female Lawyer". You see, the waves caused by the tv satellites traveled lightyears into the future and were picked up by the aliens' tv's. But during the season finale, the show was knocked off the air by a clumsy delivery boy...
                      A Flight To Remember
                        Season 2Episode 1
                        Professor Farnsworth books a vacation for himself and the crew on the space cruise ship Titanic. Everyone is excited, except for Leela, when she discovers that the ship is being captained by Zapp Brannigan. She pretends to be engaged to Fry to keep Zapp away. Amy discovers her parents are also on the cruise and tells them she's dating Fry to keep them from setting her up with someone. A love triangle plot ensues.
                        Meanwhile, Bender and a rich contessa fall in love with each other (hence, the Jack-Rose relationship of the episode). Zapp later changes the course of the ship to one with "a little more chest hair", despite the objections of his first mate Kiff. Now the ship is hurtling toward a black hole. Everyone manages to get on the last escape pod and Amy falls for Kiff. But the escape pod is too heavy and someone must jump off and go into the black hole to save the others. To show her love for Bender, the contessa jumps off and gives her blues jewled pendant to Bender before she does. Bender is upset, and becomes even more upset when he finds that it's a fake.
                        Mars University
                          Season 2Episode 2
                          A delivery made at Mars invites the gang to explore, where they stumble upon the famous college, Mars University. Bender joins a fraternity of nerdbots so he can help them be cool (and do a lot of pranks ala "Animal House" while they're at it).
                          Fry enrolls so he can officially drop out. However, Professor Farnsworth's experiment, a very intelligent monkey named Gunther bunks in with Fry and things go bananas from there.
                          I Second That Emotion
                            Season 2Episode 3
                            Bender has been acting like a real jerk lately, especially since it's Nibbler's birthday and he's getting all the attention. Bender decides to end this by flushing Nibbler down the toilet. Leela is desperate. Professor Farnsworth implants a chip into Bender which tunes him into Leela's emotional frequency, giving him emotions. These are especially bothersome, especially when Bender starts crying when Leela is stood up on a date. Bender tries to rescue Nibbler from the sewers and Leela and Fry go down to save them. While they're there, they meet the sewer mutants, who tell them of a monstrous creature called El Chupanibre who devours everything in its path. Leela realizes it must be Nibbler. The angry mutants tie her up to be sacrificed since she's the closest thing to a virgin (sadly, the mutants have seen Zapp Brannigan's webpage). Nibbler arrives and so does the real El Chupanibre . Bender must now overcome Leela's emotions-or play them to his will-to save everyone.
                            Fry and the Slurm Factory
                              Season 2Episode 3
                              Fry is addicted to the sweet and highly addictive soda, Slurm. A contest is announced. Whoever finds the Golden Bottlecap inside a can of Slurm will take a tour of the Slurm Factory on the planet Wormulon and party with the original party worm, Slurms MacKenzie! Fry -with a lot of help from Bender- finds the bottlecap and the crew travels to Wormulon. The Slurm Factory bears an uncanny resemblance to the factory from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" inside and out. Their guide, Glurmo, and the Grunka Lunkas tell the crew of a secret ingredient which makes Slurm so delicious and addictive. When Fry tries to drink from a river of Slurm, he falls in and Bender and Leela jump in to save him. They get sucked down a giant drain and find the "real" Slurm factory. To their horror, they find out the secret ingredient is the ONLY ingredient. And that ingredient is...well, here's a hint. The only soda in the universe that's made from people is Soylent Cola.
                              Brannigan Begin Again
                                Season 2Episode 4
                                The Planet Express crew have been ordered to take a giant pair of scissors to the ribbon-cutting of the new DOOP headquarters. Zapp Brannigan, who's supposed to be doing the cutting, thinks the scissors are a bomb and tries to do the job wih the lasers from his ship, the Nimbus. He succeeds in destroying the headquarters. He is sued and stripped of hs title and badges...but not before he manages to take his ever-suffering assistant Kif along with him. Stuck with no job or money, he turns to Leela and begs her to let him join Planet Express. She grudgingly lets him. He joins their next delivery trip and convinces Fry and Bender to mutiny and replace Leela with Zapp as the new captain. He takes control of the ship and plans to crash it into the new DOOP hq on the Neutral Planet. Realizing their horrible mistake, Fry and Bender beg Leela to become the captain again. She manages to save them. Zapp is sued again by DOOP. The Professor hears what has happened and wants to make Zapp the new ship's captain permanently if DOOP doesn't take him back. Leela tells the court that Zapp's ridiculous testimony is true and he returns to his er, rightful poition.
                                A Head In the Polls
                                  Season 2Episode 7
                                  When Bender hears of a titanium shortage, he pawns his body (which is mostly made of titanium). But it's hard getting around and he quickly misses it. When he tries to go get it back, he learns that it's already been bought by Richard Nixon's head so he can have a new body and run for president again.
                                  Xmas Story
                                    Season 2Episode 8
                                    Fry and his friends have a fun-filled day in the Catskills, snowboarding, skiing, and listening to the ramblings of former Simpsons writer and comedian Conan O'Brien's head. This will be Fry's first Christmas in the future and realizes a lot has changed. The holiday is now called Xmas, palm trees are cut down and decorated due to pine trees now being extinct, and Santa is now a giant robot with too-high standards and judges everyone as naughty (and he doesn't just give you coal.). Fry complains about being virtually alone, but realizes that he selfishly forgot about Leela, who never had anyone to celebrate Xmas with. He leaves Planet Express to buy her a present just as it starts getting dark. Leela rushes out the door to save Fry before Santa comes to town.
                                    John Goodman gust stars as the voice of Santa 3000.
                                    Why Must I Be a Crustacean In Love?
                                      Season 2Episode 9
                                      Dr. Zoidberg has been acting more weirder than normal. The Planet Express crew discovers that it's almost mating season on Zoidberg's home planet, Decapod 10. They fly there and Zoidberg shows them around town. Later in the day, he goes to the beach to pick up a mate, but is constantly rejected. However, he does run into a Decapodian woman he knew in high school, Edna, who laughed at him because he had barnacles on his face then. When she turns him down, Fry tries to teach Zoidburg about love and dating. Edna falls for Zoidburg, but turns lustily to Fry when she learns he taught him everything he did. Zoidburg finds Edna with an extremely nervous Fry, but takes it the wrong way. He challenges Fry to the ancient fight to the death, clawpock,and the winner will mate with Edna. Fry is caught in quite a dilemma, but while he and Zoidburg are in the middle of their duel, Edna and the other Decapodians leave the arena to mate. Zoidburg realizes what he is doing and apologizes to Fry. He then explains that after the mating frenzy, his species die. On the way back to earth, Zoidburg reattaches Fry's dismembered arm, in a scene reminescent of The Simpsons' character, Dr. Nick.
                                      Put Your Head On My Shoulder
                                        Season 2Episode 10
                                        my buys a new hovercar and goes for a ride with Fry to Venus. When they run out of gas while they're there, they bond and start having fun together. But after a short time, Fry feels that he and Amy need to spend less time together. He plans to tell her this while they're on a picnic on Pluto. Fry brings Zoidburg with them so it won't really be a date. When the hovercar crashes, Zoidberg manages to keep Fry alive by adding his head on to Amy's shoulder. Fry breaks up with Amy, but must spend Valentine's Day with her and her date. Meanwhile, Bender starts a dating service and sets up Fry and Leela with some chums from the bus station, which, coincidentally, bring the two together on their dates. Zoidberg gets Fry's head back on his body the next day, but Amy isn't worried about their future. She tells Fry, "If I'm ever lonely, I can just look at this hideous scar and think of you."