Season 1Episode 1
    The Exam
      Season 1Episode 1
      Mr Bean is back at school for a Trigenomitry Test. Of course he has over 30 Pens, alarm clock and a few other toys with him. Unfortunatly once he takes out his test he realizes he does not know how to do any of it. From blowing on his classmates paper to dropping his pen, Mr Bean will do anything to cheat. 10 Seconds before the time is up he finds he was taking the wrong test the whole time!
      On the Beach
        Season 1Episode 1
        Mr Bean is all ready to swim at the beach. Just as he goes to change into his suit he see a man in a beach chair looking at him. The whole time Mr. Bean tries to change without showing any skin this guy keeps looking at him. Finally after bending every which way Mr. Bean gets his suit on only to find the guy watching was blind!
        The Church
          Season 1Episode 1
          Church can be a bore. But, not when Mr. Bean is around. He is either falling asleep, sneezing, blowing his nose in his pant pocket or trying to open a candy. Who can forget how he sing the Halleluyah chorus!
          The Department Store
            Season 1Episode 2
            You dont want to go shopping with Mr Bean. He tries everything out. Even toothbrushes! Later after all his hard work a customer takes his AMEX and Mr. Bean's hand gets stuck in his pocket trying to get the card back. Of course Mr. Beans luck brings him into the bathroom with the customer.
            The Restarant
              Season 1Episode 2
              Today is Mr. Beans birthday. He is treating himself to a fancy dinner. Only having a few coins and not knowing what anything is on the menu he orders Steak Tar Tar! Once he gets it he is willing to do anything to get rid of it. After all of his work the waiter trips over his table and he gets a whole new Tar Tar!
              Royal Film
                Season 1Episode 2
                The whole cast of Mr. Bean has showed up to shake the hand of the Queen. Of course Mr. Bean has to cause trouble. After all his hard work to look his best for the Queen he bows to her and knocks her unconcious.
                The Curse of Mr Bean
                  Season 1Episode 3
                  Mr Bean uses a parking garage so he can do some errands. Once he gets back the price is too high to get out. Eventually he plows through the entrance and knocks over the famous 3 wheeled blue car that he is always in rival with. Later Mr Bean goes for a swim. It takes him an hour to get down from the diving board becasue he is so scared. Finally he makes it down and looses his suit! Just in time to get caught by the ladies swim team. After, he proceeds to the park to make a sandwich with all the many foods in his pockets. After lunch he goes to a horror movie with his girlfriend.