Dangerous love
    Season 1Episode 1
    Elizabeth is mad at her boyfriend Todd for nominating her for homecoming queen without telling her. She's up against Jessica, who thinks she's got it in the bag. Liz wins and attracts the attention of Scott Daniels A hunky college freshmen. Meanwhile, JEss pretends to be Elizabeth to go out with Scott
    Kidnapped Part 1,2,3
      Season 1Episode 19
      Elizabeth is kidnapped from her job at the hospital by a man who also works with her. This man has been watching Elizabeth and has a psychological obsession with her. He sees her walk to her car one night after work and is waiting in the back of her jeep where he puts a drug over her face so she passes out and he takes her away. Later at a dance todd(Elizabeths boyfriend)see that she is not there he asks jess.