Season 1Episode 1
    Hangin' with Mr Super
      Season 1Episode 1
      This was the premiere episode broadcast on FOX on January 10, 1999. Many people remember it because of the green F-5 tornado coming out of the toilet. That was one of many memorable moments to come in this great series. This first episode ranks as one of the funniest episodes from the entire series.

      This episode marks the introduction of several key characters including Walter Burkett, who was still a stranger to the boys, and Sanchez, who was to be avoided because of his funny voice.
      Bones, Bugs and Harmony
        Season 1Episode 2
        Thurgood assumes Mrs. Avery is eating dog food.
        The Door
          Season 1Episode 3
          Thurgood gets a new door for the building but it gets stolen.
          Journal Fever
            Season 1Episode 4
            Thurgood takes care of Muriel while she has the flu.
            Rich Man, Porn Man
              Season 1Episode 5
              Thurgood wants to save the local movie theater from destruction. The theater becomes a success but not the way Thurgood envisioned. The decision he faces will determine the ultimate fate of the theater, and what is really best for the community.
              Bougie Nights
                Season 1Episode 6
                Thurgood moves to the building's hidden penthouse but loses friends and wife.
                A Hero Ain't Nothing but a Super
                  Season 1Episode 7
                  Thurgood takes all the credit when Muriel catches a burglar.
                  He's Gotta Have It
                    Season 1Episode 8
                    Thurgood's libido increases when he take a prescription drug to stabilize his blood pressure.
                    Boyz 'N the Woods
                      Season 1Episode 9
                      Thurgood takes the boys camping when he and friends finds out they couldn't offer it.
                      Operation Gumbo Drop
                        Season 1Episode 10
                        Thurgood plays dirty to win a gumbo contest.
                        U Go Kart
                          Season 1Episode 11
                          The boys build a go-kart which mysteriouly disappears.
                          House Potty
                            Season 1Episode 12
                            Thurgood installs a space-age toilet which leads to him losing his job.
                            Haiti Sings the Blues
                              Season 1Episode 13
                              Haiti Lady's puts a curse on Thurgood.
                              How The Super Stoled Christmas
                                Season 1Episode 14
                                Thurgood becomes a Grinch to get funds for Muriels X-mas present.
                                Home School Daze
                                  Season 2Episode 1
                                  Thurgood goes back to school with the boys to get his diploma.
                                    Season 2Episode 2
                                    The Postman's Always Shot Twice
                                      Season 2Episode 2
                                      Mrs. Avery accidentally shoots the building's postman and is sent to a nursing home.
                                      The Preacher's Life
                                        Season 2Episode 3
                                        Thurgood becomes a preacher when he gets an electrical shock.
                                        The HJs
                                          Season 2Episode 4
                                          Thurgood reopens the radio station and he and Smokey becomes a comedy team.