A Man About the House
    Season 1Episode 1
    Roomates Janet and Chrissy throw a party for their roomate Elenore who has left and had a baby. The next morning Chrissy walks into the bathroom, and finds a strange guy named Jack in their bathtub. When Janet and Chrissy find out that Jack is learning to be a chef and is the best cook ever, they decide that Jack should live with them. The only way to convince the Landlord, Stanley Roper, to let Jack stay with the girls is to have Stanley think that Jack is gay and nothing will happen between them.

    Guest Star
    Kit McDonough as Patricia Crawford

    Roper intro: Helen plays darts and hits Roper.
    And Mother Makes Four
      Season 1Episode 2
      Chrissy gets a phone call from her mother saying that she will be there shortly to visit. Chrissy is afraid of what her mother will think when she finds out she is living with a guy, so she tells Janet and Jack to go down to the local pub, the Regal Beagle, and kill time untill her mother leaves. Chrissy's mother thinks there is an extra bed since the old roomate Elenore doesn't live there anymore, so she decides to spend the night. Janet and Chrissy then have to sneak Jack into their room so Chrissy's mother doesn't see Jack. In the middle of the night, there is a storm and neither of the girls can close the window, so Jack goes out to try to close it. Just then Chrissy's mother comes out of the room, Jack jumps out the window to avoid being seen. Chrissy's mother sees the open window and goes over to close it with ease. Jack gives up trying to hide, and knocks on the door to get back inside. Janet and Chrissy try to come up with an excuse to why he is there, but then Jack goes right out and says he's living there. Chrissy's mother is delighted that her daughter has a man around to keep her safe.

      Guest Stars
      Priscilla Morrill as Mrs. Snow
      Lou Wills as Cab Driver
      Shera Danese as Barmaid

      -This is the only episode that Chrissy's Mother appears in.
      -Mrs. Roper learns that Jack is not gay in this episode.
      First appearance of the Reagle Beagle.
      Roper intro: Roper with plunger, Helen on couch.
      Roper's Niece
        Season 1Episode 3
        Jack misses Janet's birthday party when he is paid to spend the evening with Roper's visiting niece.

        Guest Star
        Christina Hart as Karen

        Ropers intro: darts
        No Children, No Dogs
          Season 1Episode 4
          The roommates hide a puppy from the Ropers.

          Guest Star
          Richard Kine as Larry

          Richard Kline's first appearance.
          Ropers Intro: plunger
          The puppy becomes an anniversary gift for Helen, but it is never seen again.
          Jack the Giant Killer
            Season 1Episode 5
            Jack feels like a coward when he can't stand up to a bully who tries to have his way with the girls.

            Guest Stars
            Peter Palmer as Jeff
            Peter Schuck as Pete
            Karen Fredrik as Barmaid
            Paul Ainsley as Jim the bartender

            Roper intro: darts
            First appearance of Jim the bartender.
            It's Only Money
              Season 1Episode 6
              The roomates can't find the rent money and fear that Roper will kick them out so they avoid him while trying to find more money while Roper tries to invite them to dinner.

              Guest Stars
              William Pierson as Dean Travers
              Joey Forman as the Policeman

              Roper intro: plunger
              First appearance of Dean Travers.
                Season 5Episode 1