monkey see doggie do
    Season 1Episode 1
    Mommy Fearest
      Season 1Episode 2
      The Professor meets a lady named Ima Goodlady (who really is Sedusa), and he hires her to babysit the Powerpuff Girls. But she gets very mean to them and force to work like normal little girls.
      insect inside
        Season 2Episode 1
        The Power Puff Girls are freaked out by a cockroach which each girl is trying to kill, yet think it is too groos. Professor picks it up, and teaches the fact that roaches are just poor defenseless creatures, and have many capabilities like surviving a radation blast. The girls are convinced to let the roach go, and so the Professor lets the roach outside. Little is it known to the girls and Professor that the roach was actually a spy and sets out to cause chaos and distress in Townsville.