Season 1Episode 1
    Mrs. firzzle takes the class to a bakery .... they have to get all the ingredients to make a cake and at the end they burst out of the store
    Lost in Space
      Season 1Episode 1
      The class learns the order of the planets in the solar system and each of their characteristics.
      For Lunch
        Season 1Episode 2
        The class learns about the digestive system when they go inside Arnold.
        Inside Ralphie
          Season 1Episode 3
          The class goes inside ralphie's throat and learn about what goes on

          Original Air Date: 9-25-1994
          Inside Ralphie
            Season 1Episode 3
            The class finds out what's making Ralphie sick when they go inside him.
            In the Haunted House
              Season 1Episode 7
              The class learns about sound when they unknowingly enter the sound museum; Carlos learns what's wrong with his invented instrument and needs help when the class' concert draws near. Can he adjust it in time?
              the magic school bus gets eaten
                Season 1Episode 13
                The class explores the ocean underwater as well as learning about the various food chains.