Season 1Episode 1
    Reptiles in the Rose Garden
      Season 1Episode 1
        Season 1Episode 1
        Mind your mummy mommy,Mario
          Season 1Episode 2
          Hip and Hop steal queen Mushrooomkhamen's mummified son. Enraged, the queen rampages a village in search of him. When mario tries to talk to her, queen Mushroomkhamen mistakes him for her son and takes him home. Luigi,Toad, and Princess Toadstool must rescue Mario before he is mummified.
          Misadventures in babysitting
            Season 1Episode 7
            Mario and Luigi find a Warpipie leading to their home in Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately, it also leads the home of a mischeivious boy named Junior. Junior's parents think that Mario and Luigi have come to babysit their son. With promises of leftover Lasanga, Mario and Luigi are up for the job.Junior decides that he wants to play hide and seek and the brothers are it. Mario and Luigi count to 100 while Junior crawls into the warpipe underneath the kitchen sink.Junior winds up into the Mushroom Kingdom and meets some of the Koopa Kids! Mario and Luigi follow Junior not realizing that he and the Koopa Kids decided to play some tricks on them. After Kooky Von Koopa tries to fill the cave up with lava for "fun", Junior decides that they have gone to far. The Koopa Kids throw Junior into the underground cave where he is rescued by Mario and Luigi. The brothers plug up the volcano and take Junior back home to Brooklyn.
            True Colors
              Season 1Episode 12
              The Koopa Kids split up the Mushroom people by painting half of them red and the other half blue. Then they dress up like the Mushroom people and cause conflict between the two colors.Mario and Luigi catch wind of their scheme and come up with a plan to make them work together. On the day of the final battle, Mario and Luigi tell the Mushroom people that Princess Toadstool is in trouble and they need everyone to help rescue her. When the Mushroom people rush to the rescue, they discover that Princess Toadstool is okay. The brothers and the Princess explain that people of differnt color can still be friends. and peace is restored to the Mushroom Kingdom.
              Super Koopa
                Season 1Episode 13
                The Koopa kids concoct an emeraldfor their dad containing all of the Mario brothers' powers. With the emerald, King Koopa lures Mario(with Luigi as bait) into the real world where he can't use his powers. King Koopa ties Toadstool to the Eiffel Tower(They're in Paris,duh).Meanwhile, Koopa is taking over France with his newfound powers. Luckily, the princess manages to throw a note to Toad into a Warpipe to the Mushroom Kingdom.Toad breaks Mario and Luigi out of jail and supplies them with a chest of weapons(Power stars, Racoon hats, Fireballs,e.t.c.). They manage to overpower Koopa and his kids and send them back to the Mushroom Kingdom.