Season 1Episode 1
      Season 1Episode 1
      I don't know which season, # or the title, but I will never, ever forget when Carol's boyfriend was in the hospital. She spoke to him, and then he was dead. Mike had to break the news to her.

      That was one of the saddest episodes ever.

      I've seen it in reruns, and cry just as much. The only other episode that I really remember, is when Leo DiCapro was introduced.
        Season 1Episode 1
        graduation day
          Season 3Episode 20
          At Mike's high-school graduation, family members recall moments when it seemed like his graduation would never take place.
          fool for love
            Season 4Episode 1
            Ben gets spooked at the prospect of asking a girl to a Halloween party; Jason becomes a disruptive force at Lamaze class.
            w/ candace cameron
            born of a seaver
              Season 4Episode 2
              Meet the Seavers
                Season 6Episode 20
                In an homage to The Twilight Zone, Ben awakens to discover he's Jeremy Miller, an actor on the set of Meet the Seavers.
                Honest Abe
                  Season 7Episode 15
                  Luke's homeless friend steals a Seaver memento.
                  Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers
                    Season 7Episode 20
                    Jason and Maggie want to sell the house and retire, but the kids are reluctant to see the house they grew up in be sold.
                    The Last Picture Show (2)
                      Season 7Episode 20
                      The Seavers move to Washington, D.C., but share a final meal and memories in the empty house.
                      The Last Picture Show (1)
                        Season 7Episode 20
                        Maggie is offered a plum job in Washington, D.C.
                          Season 20Episode 1