No exit
    Season 1Episode 1
    Starring Bruce wiliis as a bad guy
    Brother's Keeper
      Season 1Episode 1
      Opening in New York, a mysterious black man sits in a car, a street gang attempts to mug him and he pulls out a sawn off shotgun and scares them off. Watching a well dressed South American man and his bodyguards emerge from an apartment building. He tails them to a nightclub, where he goes after the Colombian with a pistiol. The Colombians bodyguards intercept but are shot, while the Colombian escapes.

      James "Sonny" Crockett is a veteran detective with the Miami police. His partner is killed by a car bomb during an undercover sting. Sonny gets another lead on the Colombian drug lord that he was chasing. When the meeting takes place it is with his buddy from federal DEA who is also undercover, and the mysterious black man who now claims to be Jamaican. Crocketts team intercept, but the Jamaican gets away, stealing Crockett's speed boat. When Crockett catches up with him and arrests him, the Jamaican reveals himself to be Rafael Tubbs a NYC Police detective from Manhattan..

      Crockett reluctantly joins forces with Tubbs to get to the Colombian, however along the way discovers that Tubbs is not Rafael, but Ricardo Tubbs of NYC Police Bronx Armed Robbery. He is in fact the brother of Rafael, who was murdered by the Columbian drug lord Orlando Calderone.

      Crockett is furious and threatens to report Tubbs. But Tubbs is the only link to Calderone, and there is still a bad cop in the investigation responsible for the death of Crockett's partner, who could still expose them both. Crockett discovers the leak, it is his old partner who now works with federal DEA, who is arrested.

      Now with only Crockett's cover intact, he and Tubbs must go after Calderone. The meeting goes down, and Tubbs catches Calderone, and must make a decision to take revenge for his brother, or be a cop and arrest Calderone. HE arrests Calderone, but before the night is out, Calderone makes $2m bail, fleeing the country in a seaplane while Crockett and Tubbs watch from the beach as the plane barely escapes them.

      Having burned his bridges with NYPD, Tubbs opts for a career in Souther law enforcement as Crockett's new partner.