Season 1Episode 3
    Arnold's Hat:
    Helga has a love shrine of Arnold in her closet made of bubble gum. She makes many attemps to steal Arnold's hat to complete her love shrine. When her mother took away the shrine and threw it in the trash, Helga goes to the dump and finds Arnold's hat.

    Stoop Kid:
    When someone or something passes by a particular stoop, the kid living in it scares them away by bullying them or threatening them. The stoop kid has been living by the stoop for all his life and is very protective of it. Arnold finds out that Stoop Kid has been living there so long that he's afraid to leave the stoop. All the kids make fun of him until he finally took a step off his stoop for the first time.and is not afraid anymore.
    Operation Ruthless/The Vacant Lot
      Season 1Episode 7
      (Operation Ruthless)

      Helga tries to make sure that Arnold doesn't get to spend the night at the Cheese Festival with Ruth. She gets assistance from her brainy friend Phoebe. Arnold does try to do that proverbial breaking of the ice with Ruth with help from his best friend Gerald. The aforementioned best friends do try to help Arnold and Helga out while having a little bit of fun on a date with eachover on the side.

      (The Vacant Lot)

      The debut episode of "GeraldField" in which the kids find a field to clean up and use as their baseball field. The only problem is that some of the local adults want to use it for their own purposes... Can they come up with an understanding here?