Sorry, Wrong Ed
    Season 1Episode 1
    Rolf has a phone that causes bad luck. It's the kind of phone that Eddy liked, so he tried to take it. Of course, Rolf was caustious and smaked Eddy's hand with the shovel he was using to bury it. Eddy tricked Rolf to go somewhere else, just so he could get the phone. Whenever it rang, Eddy would go through a series of unfortunate events.
    Butter Me Ed
      Season 1Episode 1
      They're at the beach and Kevin keeps steeling their spot in the shade.
      Nagged to Ed
        Season 1Episode 1
        The Ed-Touchables
          Season 1Episode 1
          When Eddy finds out that someone is going around toching the kids of the culdasacs stuff,Ed,Edd and Eddy start an investigation.
          Pop Goes the Ed
            Season 1Episode 2
            The Eds crash Nazz's sprinkler party.
            Over Your Ed
              Season 1Episode 2
              When their scam fails because Ed is too clumsy, Eddy and Edd decide to totally revamp his appearance. With a new outfit and hairstyle, Ed becomes the coolest kid in the cul-de-sac. But can Eddy make money out of him?
              Sir Ed-a-Lot
                Season 1Episode 3
                Sarah bullies the Eds by forcing them to play pretend kings and queens.
                Know-it-All Ed
                  Season 2Episode 1
                  The Eds find Canadian squirt guns in the junkyard and everyone in the cul-de-sac pretend that they're cowboys and cowgirls.
                  Dear Ed
                    Season 2Episode 2
                    After Jonny 2x4 breaks up with his best friend Plank, Ed, Double D and Eddy find him a new best friend.
                    Knock, Knock Who's Ed
                      Season 2Episode 3
                      Ed tells his friends that his 8-hour monster movie marathon is on and they try to watch it.
                      To Sir With Ed
                        Season 2Episode 20
                        Nazz babysits Eddy while Eddy's parents are out.
                        An Ed is Born
                          Season 3Episode 26
                          Tired of being a "baby brother", Eddy makes a home movie to show his older brother how cool he is.
                          One Plus One Equals Ed
                            Season 4Episode 2
                            The Eds try to solve the mysteries of life.
                            They Call Him Mr Ed / For the Ed, By the Ed
                              Season 4Episode 5
                              They Call Him Mr Ed: Eddy starts his own company, as part of a scheme to help himself and his friends move "up" in the world.

                              For the Ed, by the Ed: After rescuing Jimmy from the Kankers and a centipede, wooden board Plank is praised as the "King of the Cul-de-sac". Eddy challenges Plank to an election, using his scheming ways to win to be the king.