Season 1Episode 1
      Season 1Episode 1
      pokemon-I choose you
        Season 1Episode 1
          Season 1Episode 1
          As the first day of pok'emon catching begins, Ash is late for a pok'emon meeting that everyone is at, including the original professor of pok'emon, professor Oak! As Ash arrives, he gets an unwelcome greeting from his rival, and the professor's grandson, Gary! As everyone except for Ash and Oak, Oak gives Ash a pikachu, but the pok'emon isn't very fond of Ash at first. As Ash and Pikachu start their adventure, Pikachu flies off into a tree and disobeyes Ash. Suddenly, a flock of angry Spearows come for the two, and Pikachu is injured. Before Pikachu takes his last breath before fainting, he shocks the group of Spearows, and Ash & Pikachu begin their friendship.
          Pokemon emergency
            Season 1Episode 2
            As Pikachuu had been injured from the Onisuzume in the last episode, Satoshi quickly runs to the nearest Pok'emon Center, but then decides to borrow a red haired girl's bike. After finally making it to the Pok'emon Center and reviving Pikachuu, two of Rokketo Dan's henchmen, Musashi and Kojiro come to ruin Satoshi's time with his Pikachuu. As they are about to battle Satoshi, a group of Pikachuus activate a machine and causes an electrical wave that shocks musashi and kojiro, and also the red girl's bike! As the pikachuus finish shocking the two, Satoshi and Pikachuu leave, and the red haired girl turns out to be the Gym Leader of Cerulean City, and joins Satoshi on his journey.
            the pokemon scent staion
              Season 1Episode 26
              as the group arrive in cleadon city, the first thing misty notices is the smell and while she was doing that brock was noticing the girls then misty heads into the purfume shop and tries out some of the perfume offered. Ash tries to stop her because he feels it is a waste of money. He is thrown out of the shop and goes to the Celadon gym. He is refused there because they won't let anyone in who doesn't like perfume. Jessie and James later break in to steal Pokémon. They are chased out as well. Jessie and James offer to help Ash get in the gym if he would untie them from the tree they were hanging from and he agrees. They dress him up as a girl named Ashley who likes perfume. The disguise gets him in far enough so that when he is found out, he has already reached the gym leader. They have a match in which Ash does well until Team Rocket burst in to blow up the place. They used Ash as a distraction to get the secret perfume formula. The gym bursts into flames. Squirtle and others help put out the flame. Gloom is trapped inside the burning gym and Ash runs in through the flames to save it. When the fire is put out and everything is normal again, Ash receives the Rainbow badge for his bravery during the fire.
                Season 5Episode 20