Lisa's Double
    Season 1Episode 2
    Gary and Wyatt are successful in creating Lisa, but what they DON'T know is that the computer they used to create her has created ANOTHER Lisa. While the FIRST Lisa has a charming, sexy look about her, the NEW Lisa has evil intentions. When Gary and Wyatt get into trouble with the NEW Lisa, the original Lisa has to get them out of trouble without getting HERSELF in trouble in the process. The two Lisas settle their differences inside a pro wrestling ring with the ORIGINAL Lisa winning the match. Later, Gary and Wyatt apologize to Lisa for having her go through all of that trouble. But, she says, "Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice for your friends." After kissing both of them, Lisa disappears and is not seen again at the end of the episode. As for Lisa's double, it is eventually determined that she is just a hoax. She never really existed to begin with.