The Tearing
    Season 1Episode 1
    Racing The Clock
      Season 1Episode 2
      The Quick and the Fed
        Season 1Episode 3
        When Bob thwarts Megabyte's plan to create a portal to the net, he steals something that's dangerous to everyone - a magnet. On arriving back at Dot's Diner, Enzo looks over Bob's keytool, Glitch, with curiosity. Bob let's Enzo play with Glitch for a bit, until Enzo turns Glitch into a Jackhammer. Bob quickly stops Glitch, but it's too late. The vibrations cause the box storing the magnet to fall off the counter and onto the floor, spilling its contents. The magnet suddenly attaches itself to the nearest sprite - Dot - and drains the bulk of her energy. Bob hastily retrieves the magnet but is it too late? Racing over to the Principal Office, Bob is once again forced into a game of Pong with Phong before he can get the old sprites advice. Phong tells him that the only way to cure Dot would be if she consumed some slow food. Bob returns to Dot's side and tells her what he is going to do. Despite her protests, Bob heads to the seedy Level 31 and into Al's Wait and Eat restaurant. Of course, that's exactly what the diner turns out to be - wait to eat! Suddenly Hack and Slash turn up on the scene looking for Bob. Bob convinces Al's waiter to give him some 'slow' food and in return he'd get rid of the muscles. Unfortunately on his way back to Dot's Diner, a game cube drops, delaying his return and now he must fight the User and rescue Dot before she disappears forever!
        The Medusa Bug
          Season 1Episode 4
          With Dot being the workaholic, Bob and Enzo decide to kidnap her and take her on a picnic. While Bob has car troubles, across the other side of town, Megabyte has just tricked Hexadecimal into giving up one of her toys... the Medusa. However, it turns out that Hexadecimal has tricked him. After he opens it up, he unleashes a virus which freezes everything in it's path. Megabyte is helpless to stop it and soon it infects the entire Tor and begins spreading across the city. While Dot is finally relaxing and Bob is busy trying to fix his car, Enzo spots Frisket heading towards them, with something frightening chasing after him. Frisket is unable to out run the dreaded virus and is frozen in mid run. Bob, Dot and Enzo manage to escape and head towards the Principal Office. There Phong warns them of what will happen to anything frozen by the virus for a long time. With Bob being unaffected by the Medusa, it's up to him to try and convince Hexadecimal to reverse the effects of her virus.
          The Tiff
            Season 1Episode 5
            Dot is unimpressed with Bob's carefree influence on Enzo. Bob expresses his disappointment by saying Dot doesn't know how to relax and take things as they come. The two sprites end up having a big argument over who is a better (or worse) influence on young Enzo and they stop speaking to one another. Enzo isn't too worried at first, but when things start to go wrong, and the two of them won't cooperate, Enzo begins worrying that the System may be in danger! It's up to him to try and sort these two bickering 'children' out before they really cause some damage to Mainframe... like losing a game!
            In the Belly of the Beast
              Season 1Episode 6
              While Megabyte's goons, including Hack and Slash, are roughing up Mr 'Old Man' Pearson at his Data Dump, they discover that he has an old unformat command hidden somewhere in the dump. Megabyte orders his virals to search the dump and bring the command to him. Of course, they don't count on Bob showing up! Bob causes all sorts of turmoil for the terrible twosome and the rest of the virals. In the meantime, Hack and Slash's efforts to bring Megabyte the unformat command take a different turn of events when Frisket arrives on the scene and eats it up! Megabyte orders the two to kidnap Enzo, as he knows that Frisket will follow to try and rescue the young sprite. Frisket, however, is starting to feel a little worse for wear as the unformat command tries to unformat his stomach! Bob tries to help him a little but they realise there's not much they can do but wait. Dot sends Frisket out to meet Enzo coming home from school. As Frisket bumps into Enzo, Hack and Slash turn up and kidnap him, forcing Frisket to follow along behind. With very little energy left, and still feeling pretty awful, Frisket finally arrives at the Tor, only to be captured himself! Megabyte tries to open up Frisket to get at the command before it's completely digested, but Enzo manages to trick Hack and Slash and he and Frisket manage to escape. Now they have to find their way out of the Tor, without getting caught by Megabyte!
              The Crimson Binome
                Season 1Episode 7
                Mainframe comes under siege when a ship suddenly arrives in the docks and software pirates begin attacking the citizens and looting their booty. Dot first catches onto the problem when she discovers that Kit's Sector is going off line, section by section as well as discovering that all links to the net are down. Her and Enzo race towards the docks to try and find out what the problems is. Meanwhile, Bob is at his apartment in Kit's Sector, busily fixing his car and totally oblivious to what's going on around him. Especially the gang of pirates who invade his home, snatch his car and Glitch and then disappear before he even knew they were there! He too heads down to the docks and discovers the pirates going about their dirty deeds. Angry about the loss of Glitch, he sets out to take back what rightfully belongs to him and Mainframe. He comes face to face with the captain of the vessel (the Saucy Mare) - Captain Capacitor, otherwise known as The Crimson Binome. But while Bob thinks he has the upper hand, he didn't count on there being a large binome named Princess Bula, who snatches him up. As the pirates leave, Dot and Enzo are contacted by Phong who tells them that the pirates have kidnapped Bob. Dot takes charge of a rescue operation by first taking command of Mr Mitchell's speedy boat. As they race off to rescue Bob, Bob is trying to use his charm and wits to outsmart the pirates. He manages to escape and cause the pirates no end of chaos, when finally Dot, Enzo and some CPU binomes arrive to help Bob out. But unfortunately they get cornered and Dot must use her business skills to get them out of it!
                Enzo the Smart
                  Season 1Episode 8
                  Enzo's tired of not being as smart as Bob and Dot and is determined to get smarter and faster anyway he can! When the opportunity arises for him to finally be smarter than anyone else, it backfires and instead makes everyone else.. dumber! And things get worse when a game cube drops in on Mainframe with the only sprite knowing how to defeat the User being Enzo!
                  Wizards, Warriors and a Word from our Sponsor
                    Season 1Episode 9
                    Mike the TV is causing nothing but trouble with his constant 'advertising'. No-one can seem to shut him up! When a game drops in, Bob, Dot, Enzo and Mike are all caught in the game. To Bob's horror, he doesn't reboot as the main hero, Mike does! They now have to rely on Mike to help them defeat the User and win the game!
                    The Great Brain Robbery
                      Season 1Episode 10
                      Megabyte hires the hacker sprite, Mouse, to try and get him inside Mainframe's core. The deal is to shrink her down to a miniscule size and then somehow get her inside Bob's brain so that Megabyte can take control of Bob's actions. Unfortunately, Mouse ends up in Enzo's brain instead but Megabyte doesn't seem to care about it too much and ends up getting Enzo to head for the core. Bob's only chance of helping save Enzo is to be shrunk down as well and injected inside Enzo's brain! The shrinking was wearing off and at the least minute Enzo sneezed out the huge ship!
                      Talent Night
                        Season 1Episode 11
                        It's Enzo's birthday! Dot wants to put on a big concert for her little brother but wants Bob to make sure Enzo doesn't know what's going on. Bob tries everything to keep Enzo away from the concert staging area but soon finds it difficult to even keep this hyperactive sprite active! Dot in the meantime is having problems of her own in finding some decent acts for the show, while Megabyte is showing an interest in all the secrecy.
                        Identity Crisis Pt.2
                          Season 1Episode 12
                          Dot feels like she has let everybody down after being tricked by Cyrus, who stole the PID codes of the binomes and sprites living in one of the sectors under Megabyte's rule. When a game suddenly lands on her and Bob, it's one of the games Bob has told her is the hardest one to win called "The Funhouse." Bob tries to convince Dot of cheering up and helping him win the game but it seems that nothing can cheer Dot up. It's not until Bob is caught in one of the traps, that Dot is shown the possible future of what will happen to Mainframe, should she just give up and let the User win the game.
                          Identity Crisis Pt.1
                            Season 1Episode 12
                            Dot has the big job of trying to convince one sector that is under Megabyte's rule, to give her their PID codes so that she and Phong can convert the sector back. Unfortunately, after the binomes and sprites have sent her the codes, the whole auditorium is suddenly invaded by Megabyte's goons. Bob and Dot manage to escape but soon realise that they've been duped by Cyrus, one of the binomes who originally pledged allegiance to them, now seen as a spy and traitor working for Megabyte. Not only that, but Cyrus also manages to swipe all the PID data from Dot's datapad!
                              Season 2Episode 1
                              Megabyte hides himself inside a fake file upload and manages to penetrate the Principal Office. Not only that, but he is now inside Mainframe's core where he has complete control over the city. Bob and Dot are no match for the virus after Glitch loses power and have to find another way to stop Megabyte from deleting Mainframe.
                              High Code
                                Season 2Episode 2
                                Mainframe gets an unwanted visitor - in the form of a Codemaster from the Net named Lens. He is turning Mainframe upside down in search of another Codemaster named Talon, whom he believes is somewhere in the city. Bob finds himself in deep trouble as Lens has effectively blocked him from using Glitch, and is tearing the city apart. It seems like Bob is no match for the codemaster! Meanwhile, young Enzo seems to have figured out who Talon really is, and so it becomes the young sprites job to convince the now retired Talon to come out of hiding and save Mainframe!
                                When Games Collide
                                  Season 2Episode 3
                                  Megabyte tries once more to gain access to the Super Computer. He has constructed a special device which will help him get there. However, he needs something from Mainframe's archives and the only way to get it is to use a large amount of energy to break through. And the place to get the energy from? The game-cubes of course! As he tries to get the energy out of the game, it in turn slows the game down, making it easy for even Enzo to defeat the User! But what happens when the game is about to crash and the User decides to load another game? And what happens with Enzo and Frisket after they disappear?
                                  Bad Bob
                                    Season 2Episode 4
                                    Megabyte makes another attempt at grabbing Mainframe's energy and this time he nearly succeeds. But problems occur after a game cube lands, sealing the energy inside the game with the sprites. So what does this mean for Bob? If the User wins, they lose, but if they beat the User, they lose! Either way, Mainframe's energy will go with the game - it seems to be a no-win situation! However, with the aid of Enzo and Frisket, and even Megabyte's lackeys, Hack and Slash, Bob has a chance to get the energy back - so long as the User doesn't win the game first!
                                    Painted Windows
                                      Season 2Episode 5
                                      Chaos breaks out when Hexadecimal gets her hands on the system's paint program and begins colouring Mainframe in her own stylings. Not only that, but Bob is warned that if the paint is still around when the system backs itself up, it could cause some pretty serious damage. With a total communications blackout, Bob must head to Lost Angles, the home of Hexadecimal, to undo her 'artistry' while Enzo searches for Dot so they can break the link from the Archives.
                                        Season 2Episode 6
                                        Enzo is feeling left out as he has no-one to play with. Dot is busy with her businesses and Bob is busy saving Mainframe. Enzo desperately wants to have fun - especially in the games and with Bob. When a game lands on the Diner, does Enzo run away like all the other binomes? Of course not! He joins in the fight against the User with Bob and Dot. But while Bob and Dot battle the multiple lives the User has, Enzo finds a new friend - AndrAIa - a female sprite around the same age as him, but with a distinct difference!!
                                          Season 2Episode 7
                                          Hexadecimal is attacked by something that comes through her looking-glass and becomes something 'different'. The nulls, worm-like creatures that were former sprites who mostly inhabit Lost Angles and are normally controlled by Hex, suddenly engulf the viral and end up creating a huge monster, made entirely out of nulls - Nullzilla! Bob, Dot, Enzo, Frisket and Mike the TV have to don their special outfits and somehow get their special 'bug' ships to join together and create a giant robot, capable of stopping Nullzilla! But can they get the darn thing to work in time to save Mainframe?!?!