Frog Baseball
    Season 1Episode 1
    Beavis and Butt-head play baseball with an unsuspecting frog, leading to the utter demise of the smashed amphibian.
    Door To Door
      Season 1Episode 2
      Mr. Van Driessen gives the class the assignment to go door-to-door to collect for charity, and while collecting Beavis and Butt-head run into a scary donor: Mistress Koura Anthrax.
      Blood Drive
        Season 1Episode 3
        Beavis and Butt-head donate blood in hopes of raking in the cash, giving a little more than they planned to.
        Sign Here
          Season 1Episode 5
          Mr. Van Driessen gives the class the assignment to petition against a fur shop opening in town. Beavis and Butt-head conclude that "petitions are stupid".
          No Laughing
            Season 1Episode 8
            In this episode, Beavis & Butthead laugh in the whole episode, annoying every teacher they encounter. The principal Mcvicer made a deal with them that if they laugh one more time they would get sent to hope high school.

            Now Mr. Buzzcut expoited that and the two had to endure lots of sexual phases that would usually make them laugh.

            at the end they run out of the school laughing like crazy.
            Bad Dog
              Season 1Episode 20
              The duo seeks to adopt a dog.
              Customers Suck
                Season 2Episode 5
                May 20th, 1993
                Customers Suck
                  Season 2Episode 5
                  May 20th, 1993
                  Friday Night
                    Season 2Episode 7
                    May 24th, 1933
                    Babies R Us
                      Season 2Episode 10
                      June 23, 1933
                      Scientific Stuff
                        Season 2Episode 12
                        May 17, 1993
                        Black Out!
                          Season 4Episode 11
                          Highland is stricken by a blackout, and then by the duo's investigation.
                          The Great Cornholio
                            Season 4Episode 20
                            It starts with Beavis and Butthead handing in Stewart's homework to Mrs. Stevenson while Stewart is sick with diarrhea, that he had spent all night in the bathroom. Mrs. Stevenson made some breakfast burritos for Stewart, but she let Beavis and Butthead eat them. Afterwards, the boys ransacked the kitchen for something else to eat, but Beavis found the SUGAR MOTHER LODE. Beavis was guzzling and gobbling an entire wad of sweets, he suddenly became uncontrollably hyper. Later in school, Beavis at his desk is still wiggling and shaking, then he started pulling his shirt over his head, and shouted "I am Cornholio! I need T.P. for my bunghole!". Beavis as the Great Cornholio leaves the classroom, wandering the hallway, then into the girls restroom, but nobody is in there. Then he interrupts Spanish class, which then sends him to McVicker's office. In the office, Beavis is munching on the candy that's in the bowl. With Beavis' apology, McVicker frees Beavis from the office, then he returns to "Cornholio" again after he is questioned by the secretary. He again wanders off.
                            Held Back
                              Season 5Episode 1
                              Beavis and Butt-Head are progressively demoted from their class to kindergarten.
                                Season 5Episode 4
                                Butt-head begins to choke, while Beavis makes a half-hearted attempt to help him.
                                Blood Pressure
                                  Season 6Episode 6
                                  Beavis is trapped in a blood pressure testing machine.
                                  Prank Call
                                    Season 6Episode 13
                                    Beavis and Butt-head drive a man to violence through repeated prank calls.
                                    Head Lice
                                      Season 7Episode 9
                                      In this episode, Beavis and Butt-Head suffer from a bad case of head lice as they are scratching and itching like crazy in class.

                                      They are taken to the nurse's office, where she shows them what they look like and she gives them a prescription to a medicated shampoo to use.

                                      As Beavis and Butthead head home, they decide not to get the shampoo and kill the lice like regular bugs. They use a fly swatter, spray themselves with a can of insecticide, and they touch a bug-zapper, which shocks the crap out of them both.

                                      After getting fried by the bug-zapper, Beavis begins to scratch his crotch, thinking the lice have gone there. Butt-Head then suggests to Beavis to stick his weiner in the bug-zapper, and that's EXACTLY what he does at the end as Butt-Head watches.
                                      Nose Bleed
                                        Season 7Episode 11
                                        In this episode, Beavis and Butt-Head have a punching contest, which gives Beavis a very bad nose bleed.

                                        Butt-Head spends the whole episode trying to stop Beavis' nose from bleeding, which result in a very blood mess each time. Butt-Head then calls 911 (after calling 411 on accident) to call about Beavis' nose bleed, but no luck.

                                        He then gets some tampons to plug up Beavis' nose, only to get some for himself after being punched in the face by a woman and getting a nose bleed as well.