Season 1Episode 1
    Work, Work, Work - Or We're All Unemployed
      Season 2Episode 1
      Pre-Empt: The Muppets Get Stuffed


      Christine was shoveling dirt to prove she can do "real" work, but she tells Ross that Kevin lost a roll of quarters in the dirt. Ross then digs like crazy, but Kevin had already found them.

      Production: A Load of You Know What
      Transportation - Or Get This Show on the Road
        Season 2Episode 2
        Pre-Empt: The Dukes Of Hazzard Line Up For Gas


        Ross continually says certain phrases that put Christine in some unfortunate situations, including, but not limited to, being shot with a cannon, falling from an airplane without a parachute, getting slimed, shutting down her car and being rolled up in a carpet and moved across town. Meanwhile, Randi has troubles with his car, particularly when he takes it to be made into a compact car.

        Production: Pot Hole
        Strike Now
          Season 2Episode 3
          Pre-Empt: Captain Kangaroo Robs A Bank


          Disappointed in being paid as much as the ten year olds (though, as Kevin is quick to point out, she's the same size as the ten year olds), Christine announces that she is going on strike for more money just when she's cued to start the intro. Meanwhile, when the kids want to be treated more like adults, they are given the privilege to pay income tax.

          Mr. Dime wants to break up Christine's strike, and he tells Miss Take to do so. Miss Take leaves and then returns, wearing her "strike-breaking" gear -- a shield, helmet and a club. To demonstrate how it works, she starts beating up on Mr. Dime.

          Production: Walking Around In Circles
            Season 2Episode 4
            Pre-Empt: Jaws Meets The Love Boat


            While waiting at home for her boyfriend, Nigel, to call, Christine gets a call from Ross for being late to the studio. So, Christine asks, on the air, for Nigel to call the studio. The phone does ring an awful lot ... but it's not Nigel. Lisa repeatedly calls Christine "because she looks lonely," Kevin calls and uses the phone multiple times, as well as Ross -- not to mention the burglar, the TV survey man and the guy from the phone company who disconnects the phone.

            Production: Wrong Number
              Season 2Episode 5
              Pre-Empt:The 6 Million Dollar Man Rusts To Bits


              To demonstrate a way to keep fit (and in yet another "gimmick" episode from this season), Christine hosts the show from an exercise bicycle in front of a blue screen, whichs makes it appear that she is actually pedaling somewhere. Meanwhile, Ross tries to get money via family allowance checks. After hearing that he must be a minor to get them, he misunderstands and dresses up like a miner. When that doesn't work, Christine offers the solution that he get kids and take their checks, which, of course, leads him to insist on adopting her. At the end of the show, Christine rides her exercise bike out of the studio.

              Production: Flat Tire
              Safety First
                Season 2Episode 6
                Pre-Empt: Hit And Run On Sesame Street


                Due to the theme of the show (which is safety), Christine attempts to explain how certain, everyday things (like ladders, or, oh, say, chainsaws) can become dangerous when used incorrectly. She, as well as other characters, also lectures endlessly on wearing white at night. Before the show is over, poor Christine is cut in half, loses her head (literally), gets shocked and gets 16 tons dropped on her (just to name a few things).

                Production: None
                Sexual Equality
                  Season 2Episode 7
                  Pre-Empt: The Dukes of Hazzard Dress Up In Drag


                  As Moose is doing the intro, Lisa, Kevin, Brodie and Rodney claim that her job is too easy and they want a chance to host. Rodney finds out the hard way what it's like to host when he gets covered in cream pies, and Brodie learns what happens to Moose every week doesn't only apply to her. Meanwhile, Moose realizes that things are still not fair, as Brodie can say "I don't Know" all he wants, but she gets slimed more than her share. Of course, Brodie doesn't have to say the magic words to get the green stuff dumped on him.

                  Production: Equal Opportunity
                  Personal Hygeine
                    Season 2Episode 8
                    Pre-Empt: Jaws Eats Jacques Cousteau


                    Christine reasons that since this episode is about keeping clean, she might as well keep clean ... by hosting the show from her bathtub. For some reason, though, people won't let poor Moose have any privacy, whether it's an explorer looking for the South China sea, Jono escaping from dungeon bath night or Randi coming in from the desert and drinking Moose's bath water. This episode ends with a fatal scene with Moose getting sucked down the drain.

                    Production: Down The Drain
                      Season 2Episode 9
                      Pre-Empt: Atomic Blast Levels Fantasy Island


                      Ross interrupts Moose's intro because he is coughing uncontrollably. He blames it on his cigarette. Upon this, Moose asks why he smokes, and Ross says it's because he enjoys the "fresh taste."

                      Jami tells Christine that his ancestors introduced tobacco to the white men so they would die of lung cancer. Later, Jami tells Christine about his new job at the barber shop, which he just lost. He doesn't care, though -- he managed to cut off six scalps before being caught, and then goes after Moose for a seventh.

                      Kevin and Jami fight over a peace pipe.

                      And, Les steps out of character to give an anti-smoking message.

                      Production: None
                      Crime & Vandalism
                        Season 2Episode 10
                        Pre-Empt: Mr. Rogers Vandalizes The Neighborhood


                        Mr. Dime begins noticing that most of the furniture in his office has been disappearing until HE disappears, himself.

                        Christine announces that the show is about crime, and that the set was supposed to be painted like it had been vandalized (Seth Pool didn't know where to paint it ... until he decides to paint some graffiti on Moose's shirt).

                        Ross warns Christine that there have been a lot of burglaries in the studio lately, and that his headphones have already been stolen (he is now using two cans with a string). Before long, the risers are stolen, and Ross gives Moose a wooden crate to stand on. Soon, Ross loans the crate over to Max Keeping (redubbed as Dan Rather in the 28-minute version) for his news broadcast (someone has already stolen his entire set), and poor Moose now has to use a giant rock to do her segments on, which is also eventually stolen. Eventually, Moose and Ross's clothes are stolen, and they are reduced to wearing barrels (Moose's is even full of water). By the end of the show, the last camera in the studio (as well as Moose, herself) are also stolen.

                        Production: None
                          Season 2Episode 11
                          The gang talks about drugs, but they cannot actually make it about drugs because they would be taken off the air. So, custard pies are substituted instead.
                            Season 2Episode 12
                            Pre-Empt: Miss Piggy Eats Ham Sandwiches


                            Moose introduces the viewers to some good, healthy foods and also explains the benefits of eating them, but she ends up wearing most of it.

                            Production: Pie In The Face
                            Peer Pressure
                              Season 2Episode 13
                              Pre-Empt: Sixty Minutes


                              Kevin suggests to Lisa and Rodney that the show would get higher ratings if someone mooned the camera. They agree that it is a good idea, and he should be the one to do it ... unless he's chicken. Of course, Moose comes in just in time and stops Kevin because they would get taken off the air.

                              Production: None
                                Season 3Episode 1
                                Christine and the gang take a look into the world of cosmetics.
                                  Season 3Episode 3
                                  Culture Junk
                                    Season 3Episode 8
                                    The wide wide world of art, plays, music, and anything else cultural is looked at.
                                    Future World
                                      Season 4Episode 5
                                      While the gang looks at the world of the future, Christine attempts to tell the future through horoscopes, then crystal balls, then tarot cards, then fortune cookies (which are all bad!) and, finally, the palm of her hand. But she can never get it right!
                                        Season 5Episode 21
                                        This episode was banned in the US. The producer's wife is getting divorced,and she take half including everything she ows,and the show.She takes half of the show intro,show scripts,and even the Green Slime.