A Moon Star is Born
    Season 1Episode 1
    when serena transforms
      Season 1Episode 1
      A Moon Star is Born
        Season 1Episode 1
        Queen Beryl and Jedite decide to steal energy from humans so they can release the Negaforce, an evil power. Serena rushes out of her house, late for school. She sees some boys taunting a black cat and she saves it. At school, Serena gets her test back and is scared to tell her mom she flunked. Molly suggests going to her mom's jewelry store. On her way home, Serena tosses her test behind her, hitting Darien. He makes fun of her grade, enraging her. Serena's mom forces her to go study at the library and Serena returns exhausted. While she is napping, the black cat enters her room and starts talking to her. Serena thinks it is a dream until she takes the broach Luna gives her and shouts, "Moon Prism Power." Serena transforms into Sailor Moon just in time to save Molly. A Negaverse creature, pretending to be Molly's mom, was stealing human energy through the jewelry. Sailor Moon freaks when she has to fight, and Tuxedo Mask appears to help Sailor Moon. Encouraged, she throws her tiara at the creature and destroys it.

        Talk Radio
          Season 1Episode 2
          Serena and all the girls at her school listen to a radio program called Love Line. Every night a listener's letter is read on the air, and the listener receives a special flower pin, which steals energy for the Negaverse. Miss Haruna (Miss H) and Molly both receive a pin and are weakened from the loss of energy. Serena discovers the ploy when she visited the radio station. Luna gives Serena a special disguise wand, the Luna Pen, allowing her to transform into anything she wants. She changes into a sophisticated talent agent and warns listeners of the Negaverse's plan. She transforms into Sailor Moon and destroys one of Jedite's creatures.

          Slim City
            Season 1Episode 3
            Serena weighs herself and discovers she has gained half a pound. Mortified, she goes on a strict diet. Her friends like the idea of dieting and they decide to go to their teacher's health club to work out. However, Jedite is at the club stealing human energy through "relaxation pods." After collapsing from hunger, Serena buys a dozen donuts and munches on them on her way home, running into Darien who insults her. Luna realizes Serena's weight obsession is because of the Negaverse and gets Serena's attention by threatening Serena with her claws. Sailor Moon destroys the relaxation pods.

            So You Want to be a Superstar
              Season 1Episode 4
              Serena and Molly decide to enter a talent contest. The winner will gain a contract like a famous superstar. Molly and Serena fight about their performance, and Molly decides to enlist the help of Melvin. Serena chooses Luna as her partner, but Luna refuses to participate. Without a partner, Serena ends up watching the contest. Jedite and a Negaverse creature steal energy from the participants, and Sailor Moon comes to the rescue. The creature freezes Sailor Moon when Tuxedo Mask arrives and frees her from the ice. Sailor Moon destroys the creature, and all the humans get their energy back.

              Computer School Blues
                Season 1Episode 5
                A transfer student, Amy, is now attending Serena's school. Serena invites her to the arcade, where she amazes everyone with her skills playing the Sailor V game. Amy is late and rushes to her computer class, leaving behind her computer disk. Luna suspects Amy is from the Negaverse and discovers a brainwashing program from the Negaverse on the disk. Serena goes to confront Amy and sees a Negaverse creature attacks her. It tries to brainwash Amy and Luna sees the sign of Mercury appear on Amy's forehead. Luna gives the Mercury pen to Amy and she transforms into Sailor Mercury. Using "Mercury Bubbles Blast," Amy confuses the monster and Sailor Moon eliminates it. Another Sailor Scout has been found!

                  Season 1Episode 20
                    Season 1Episode 20
                    Serena tries to save Darrien in a tower, but he is killed, or so we think, he becomes the evil prince Darrien.
                      Season 1Episode 40
                      The Scouts fight the Doom & Gloom Girls at the North Pole. The girls are all taken away except for Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon fights Queen Beryl using the full power of the Silver Crystal. The Negaverse is destroyed and everyone returns to Tokyo with no memory of the battle or of being Scouts
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