The Beginning
    Season 1Episode 1
    Dr. Wily attacks an airport Mega Man gets hurt in a battle. Most of the show is then consumed with various flashbacks of Mega Man's creation. As soon as Mega Man wakes up, he goes on to get rid of Dr. Wily.
    Electric Nightmare
      Season 1Episode 2
      Dr. Wily takes over the power grid with a device that allows him to control machines through electricity. He then proceeds to attempt to take over the city with things like rampaging soda machines and runaway monorail cars.

      Guest Appearances:
      Bright Man, Pharaoh Man (for all of thirty seconds)
      The Big Shake
        Season 1Episode 3
        Dr. Wily creates a machine capable of creating earthquakes and uses it to threaten the city. His plea is simple: If they don’t surrender to him, he will destroy them. Mega Man of course takes the problem at its source.
          Season 1Episode 4
          Dr. Wily cons Mega Man into trying to become human, which he then uses to his advantage to reprogram the blue robot.
          20,000 Leaks Under The Sea
            Season 1Episode 5
            Dr. Wily attacks an underwater mining operation, then tries to get rid of Dr. Light and Mega Man with a fake laboratory that turns out to be a mobile prison.

            Guest Appearances:
            Wave Man, Dive Man
            Robosaur Park
              Season 1Episode 6
              Dr. Wily creates a de-evolution serum that for some bizarre reason affects only robots.
              The Incredible Shrinking Mega Man
                Season 1Episode 7
                Dr. Wily steals some gems to make shrinking rays in order to steal cities by shrinking them down to size. Of course his Robot Masters use the rays on Mega Man, and of course Mega Man stands around and lets them do it.

                Guest Appearances:
                Dust Man
                The Mega Man in the Moon
                  Season 1Episode 8
                  Dr. Wily steals a space shuttle to obtain a giant laser built on the moon. Mega Man follows him to prevent Wily from using the laser to nuke Earth to a crisp.

                  Guest Appearances:
                  Crystal Man
                  Bot Transfer
                    Season 1Episode 9
                    Dr. Light, Mega Man, Roll, and Rush fly to a conference and encounter Dr. Wily’s robots on the airplane along the way. Turns out Wily has built transport chambers capable of somehow transferring circuits from one robot to another. Mega Man gets swapped into Snake Man’s body and has to save the world in that form.

                    Guest Appearances:
                    Snake Man
                    Ice Age
                      Season 1Episode 10
                      Dr. Wily steals a super freeze technology from Zero Refrigeration Company to create a giant glacier and freeze cities, drive out their leaders, and replace them with his robots (and that’s in his words). Ice Man, however, decides he’s being replaced by Air Man and double-crosses the evil scientist.

                      Guest Appearances:
                      Ice Man, Air Man
                      Cold Steel
                        Season 1Episode 11
                        Dr. Wily creates music that can mind-control humans, then has his robots dress up as a new rock band to spread the mayhem. Robots such as Mega Man and Roll are immune to the effects of the music. So is a young girl they meet who is deaf and therefore can’t hear the tunes. Unfortunately, Dr. Light isn’t, and neither are hundreds of other humans the music reaches...

                        Guest Appearances:
                        Gyro Man, Gemini Man, Spark Man
                        Future Shock
                          Season 1Episode 12
                          Mega Man is accidentally booted to the future by Dr. Light’s new time machine, where he discovers that because he wasn’t in the past to stop Dr. Wily, the evil scientist has taken over the planet. Somehow Mega Man must find his way back to his own time so that he can reverse this horrible future.
                          The Strange Island of Dr. Wily
                            Season 1Episode 13
                            Due to a malfunction in Dr. Wily’s newest invention, the scientist and his bots get stranded on an island with none other than Dr. Light, Mega Man, and Roll. With no other alternative, the good guys and the bad guys team up in an attempt to get off the island alive. But of course, Dr. Wily at least is using the truce as a way to get his invention back.

                            Guest Appearances:
                            Wood Man
                            mega x
                              Season 2Episode 1
                              mega x
                                Season 6Episode 1