enter magneto
    Season 1Episode 1
    Night of the Sentinals Part 1
      Season 1Episode 1
      Jubilee is having trouble adjusting to being a mutant and runs away from her foster family. After being attacked by a Sentinel in the mall she is saved by the X-Men (Rogue, Storm & Gambit) and taken back to the mansion. Morph is seemingly killed by the Sentinals after the X-Men try to get into the Mutant Registration Industry and Beast is captured.
        Season 1Episode 1
          Season 1Episode 1
            Season 1Episode 1
            enter magneto
              Season 1Episode 1
              Night of the Sentinals Part 2
                Season 1Episode 2
                Continuation of part 1. The X-Men deal with the grief of loosing Morph, and the capture of Beast. Jubilee is rescued from the Mutant Registration Agency.
                Enter Magneto
                  Season 1Episode 3
                  Beast's trial is met with anti-mutant violence thanks to Sabretooth and The X-Men must fight Magneto, an old friend of Proffesor Xavier, to stop him from launching a nuclear missle in an attempt to start a war between humans and mutants.
                  Deadly Reunions
                    Season 1Episode 4
                    Xavier and Magneto finally meet face to face again, whilst Wolverine saves Jubilee from Sabertooth's attack in the mansion.
                    Captive Hearts
                      Season 1Episode 5
                      The X-Men must make thier way into the sewers to fight The Morlocks, a group of mutants too physically deformed to live in the outside world after Cyclops and Jean are kidnapped by them.
                      Cold Vengence
                        Season 1Episode 6
                        Wolverine flees to Canada hoping to find peace, only to discover Sabertooth has taken the people of a small village captive, and plans to kill them all.
                        Slave Island
                          Season 1Episode 7
                          Gambit, Storm, Jubille and a host of other mutants are made to work as slaves in Genoshia in order to complete a dam which will power a Sentinel factory. Things go awry when Cable shows up to find the one responsible for enslaving the mutants.
                          The Unstoppable Juggernaut
                            Season 1Episode 8
                            Returning home to find the Mansion ruined and Xavier missing. The X-Men must stop Juggernaut and help prove Colossus' innocence after a series of bank robberies..
                            The Cure
                              Season 1Episode 9
                              Rogue travels to Muir Island to investigate a supposed "cure" for mutants. Will she take it, if offered? Features first appearance of Archangel, Mystique and the Brotherhood, as well as the big A himself.
                              Come the Apocalypse
                                Season 1Episode 10
                                Apocalypse tricks Archangel into becoming one of his Four Horsemen and plans to remodel the world in his way of order.
                                  Season 1Episode 11
                                  The X-Men are trapped in an alternate reality and are made to risk thier lives as characters of a TV show in an attempt to attract ratings for Mojo
                                  Days of Future Past Part 1
                                    Season 1Episode 11
                                    Bishop arrives from the future to kill an X-Man who is going to assinate Senator Kelly. But who is it?
                                    Days of Future Past Part 2
                                      Season 1Episode 12
                                      When Gambit is revealed to be the assassin, he rushes to Washington in order to prevent the real assassin from killing Senator Kelly.
                                      The Final Decision
                                        Season 1Episode 13
                                        When Mastermold tries to replace Senator Kelly's brain with a computer and kill all humans and mutants, the X-Men and Magneto must join forces to finally put a stop to the Sentinels.
                                        Til Death Do Us Part, Part 1
                                          Season 2Episode 1
                                          The X-Men are shocked to learn someone is trying to divide them... but who is it?