Fast Friends
    Season 7Episode 5
    Stephanie goes to junior high school, and attempts to make new friends. However, the group she meets tries encouraging her to smoke cigarettes. Meanwhile, D.J., Kimmy, and Steve join Jesse and Joey on a special segment of their radio show, of which Jesse and Joey argue about the segment's title.
    Smash Club: The Next Generation
      Season 7Episode 6
      Jesse inherits the "Smash Club", but needs a bank loan because the place needs to be brought up to code.
      High Anxiety
        Season 7Episode 7
        Danny forgets how quickly Michelle is growing up, and she demands that he start treating her "like a big girl".
        Another Opening, Another No Show
          Season 7Episode 8
          Jesse officially opens the "Smash Club", but inadvertently gets locked in a storage closet with Kimmy.
          The Day of the Rhino
            Season 7Episode 9
            Michelle gets "ripped off" when she orders a Rigby the Rhino doll that ends up being a miniature plastic figure.
            The Prying Game
              Season 7Episode 10
              D.J. is enraged when Stephanie goes too far in invading her privacy. Danny, Jesse, and Joey try to sell a new hair-spraying product on Live TV.
              The Bicycle Thief
                Season 7Episode 11
                Michelle thinks her bike was stolen, which prompts the family to perform a neighborhood-wide search for her bike, only to have it turn up at her friend's house.
                Support Your Local Parents
                  Season 7Episode 12
                  The twins only interact with themselves, rather than with other kids in their playgroup, prompting Jesse and Rebecca to join a support group for the parents of twins.
                  The Perfect Couple
                    Season 7Episode 13
                    Danny, Vicky, Jesse, Rebecca, Steve, and D.J. all appear on the game show The Perfect Couple, with Joey as the host; but it all goes haywire! Jesse finds out he knows nothing about Becky while she knows everything about him, D.J. and Steve find out they know nothing about each other, and Vicky doesn't even show up and is replaced by an old lady! Afterwards, Vicky has news for Danny that may break his heart.
                    Is It True About Stephanie?
                      Season 7Episode 14
                      A classmate plays a prank on Stephanie, which prompts Stephanie to return the favor to get revenge. Meanwhile, Danny is not over Vicky and acts very strangely.
                      The Test
                        Season 7Episode 15
                        D.J. is nervous about taking the upcoming SAT test. The night before the test is given, D.J. has a nightmare about the test going all wrong. Meanwhile, Michelle goes overboard with her whistle reporting "safety violations".

                        Joey's Funny Valentine
                          Season 7Episode 16
                          Joey's girlfriend, Roxy, meets the family for the first time, but then makes fun of them during her stand-up comedy routine, which alienates the Tanners.
                          The Last Dance
                            Season 7Episode 17
                            Jesse's grandfather, Papouli, comes for a visit, but passes away during his stay. Even worse, he promised to teach "Little Michelle"'s class a Greek dance the next day.
                            Kissing Cousins
                              Season 7Episode 18
                              Upon his return from Greece, Jesse brings back his cousin, Stavros, who ends up taking advantage of the Tanners' generosity and kindness.
                              Love on the Rocks
                                Season 7Episode 19
                                Feeling that her relationship with Steve has drifted apart, D.J. explores all other options, before ultimately breaking up with him. Meanwhile, Joey plays an April Fool's Day prank on the family and they try to get back at him.
                                Michelle a la Carte
                                  Season 7Episode 20
                                  Michelle decides to enter a soap box derby. She and Becky begin working on the car that Michelle will ride, but Michelle quits after a fellow racer makes fun of her for being a "girl racer".
                                  Be Your Own Best Friend
                                    Season 7Episode 21
                                    Michelle is assigned a project to draw the outline of her best friend on paper, but Teddy moves back to San Francisco, leaving Michelle to choose between Denise (new) and Teddy (old). Meanwhile, Jesse feels left out when Joey and his girlfriend, Roxy, hog the mike on Jesse and Joey's radio show.
                                    A Date with Fate
                                      Season 7Episode 22
                                      D.J. and Danny go out on separate blind dates, but end up alone together at the same restaurant.
                                      Too Little Richard Too Late
                                        Season 7Episode 23
                                        Joey decides to run for PTA President, but finds it hard to compete with Ms. Carruthers's extensive promotion campaign.
                                        A House Divided
                                          Season 7Episode 24
                                          The Tanners receive an offer from a wealthy business man to buy their house. Everyone begins thinking of new plans, while Michelle is dead-set on staying in "the only house she has ever lived in".