Nice Guys Finish First
    Season 6Episode 9
    Joey plans to play in a charity hockey game, but an old acquaintance comes back to hassle Joey with a bad memory that Joey would much rather forget.
    I'm Not D.J.
      Season 6Episode 10
      Stephanie wants to get her ears pierced, but Danny won't let her. Nicky and Alex get their first haircut.
      Designing Mothers
        Season 6Episode 11
        Vicky's mother re-decorates Stephanie and Michelle's room, but Danny isn't ready to change his ways or his environment.
        A Very Tanner Christmas
          Season 6Episode 12
          The Tanner's celebrate Christmas, only for D.J. to find out that Steve is planning to move to Florida for college. Meanwhile, Rebecca misses having White Christmases in Nebraska.
          The Dating Game
            Season 6Episode 13
            Stephanie "goes out" with a friend for pizza, and thinks it's an actual date, rather than a gathering.
            Birthday Blues
              Season 6Episode 14
              Preoccupied by her six-month anniversary with Steve, D.J. forgets about Kimmy's birthday.
              Be True to Your Pre-School
                Season 6Episode 15
                Jesse lies on an application for the twins to get into an exclusive pre-school. Kimmy gets her driver's license.
                The Heartbreak Kid
                  Season 6Episode 16
                  Steve gives Michelle a Valentine's Day cookie, which leads to her wanting to marry him. However, Steve believes it is all a joke, thus upsetting Michelle.
                  Silence is Not Golden
                    Season 6Episode 17
                    Stephanie is paired up with her nemesis for a school assignment, but later finds out that he is a victim of child abuse.
                    Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur
                      Season 6Episode 18
                      Danny and Jesse chaperone a class trip to the museum, but Jesse is unable to keep discipline in his group of kids, leading to terrible events.
                      Subterranean Graduation Blues
                        Season 6Episode 19
                        On the way to his high school graduation, Jesse and the family get stuck on the subway. D.J. does not appear in this episode.
                        Grand Gift Auto
                          Season 6Episode 20
                          Joey gets D.J. a car for her birthday, but it is then revealed that the car was stolen.
                          Room for One More?
                            Season 6Episode 21
                            Jesse tries to prove to Rebecca that they can have another baby, despite their busy lives, and the responsibilities of taking care of Nicky and Alex.
                            Prom Night
                              Season 6Episode 22
                              D.J. and Steve go to the prom, where Steve and his ex-girlfriend are announced as "King" and "Queen" of the prom.
                              The House Meets The Mouse, Part One
                                Season 6Episode 23
                                The Tanners and Kimmy travel to Disney World, however antics ensue. Stephanie, Kimmy, and D.J. lose Michelle after she wins a contest at Disney World, and becomes bossy. Jesse juggles work, music, and his anniversary with Rebecca.
                                The House Meets The Mouse, Part Two
                                  Season 6Episode 24
                                  The Tanners are featured in the Disney World parade, and Danny proposes to Vicky.
                                  It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
                                    Season 7Episode 1
                                    D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle anxiously return to the site of their summer camp, but they are surprised with how everything turns out. Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex won't sleep in their own beds.
                                    The Apartment
                                      Season 7Episode 2
                                      Steve moves into his own apartment, prompting Danny to spy on him and D.J. after she breaks curfew there.
                                      Wrong-Way Tanner
                                        Season 7Episode 3
                                        Michelle accidentally scores the winning goal in a soccer game for the opposing team by kicking the ball in her own team's net.
                                        Tough Love
                                          Season 7Episode 4
                                          Jesse and Rebecca realize that the twins aren't being disciplined enough, with some guidance from the rest of the family, when they roam aimlessly around the house.