Play it Again, Jess
    Season 5Episode 15
    With Becky going back to work, Jesse becomes "Mr. Mom", while also trying to pursue a record deal.
      Season 5Episode 16
      Stephanie's favorite singer, Tommy Page, sings a special song at her birthday party. This leads to Stephanie developing a major crush on him.
        Season 5Episode 17
        Stephanie is confident that she will win her school's spelling bee, only to get beaten by a classmate, who makes her lose all of her self-confidence. The word she lost on was "pneumonic".
        Too Much Monkey Business
          Season 5Episode 18
          Danny's sister, Wendy, stops by for a visit -- with her pet monkey who likes Jesse and plays hide-and-seek with Joey. Meanwhile, Joey falls for Wendy and Danny is not very pleased.
          The Devil Made Me Do It
            Season 5Episode 19
            Michelle's conscience gets the best of her after she mishandles Jesse's musical equipment, and then runs away to her friend Teddy's house. Teddy's older sister is played by Tahj Mowry's real-life sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry.
            Driving Miss D.J.
              Season 5Episode 20
              D.J. gets her learner's permit, only to tense up from driving lessons with "uptight" Danny and "laid back" Uncle Jesse.
              Yours, Mine, and Ours
                Season 5Episode 21
                Jesse and Rebecca imagine how each other's unique parenting techniques may affect the twins in the future. Meanwhile, Danny and Joey take the girls out to "family dinner night" after the girls fight.
                The Trouble with Danny
                  Season 5Episode 22
                  The family becomes irritated when Danny becomes too obsessed over "Spring Cleaning Day".
                  Five's a Crowd
                    Season 5Episode 23
                    D.J. goes out on a date with a heavy-metal band member to the drive-in. This causes Danny, Jesse, and Joey to go "rescue" her.
                    Girls Will Be Boys
                      Season 5Episode 24
                      Michelle decides that it is better to be a boy after her best friend, Teddy, is hassled for hanging out with girls. Meanwhile, Jesse becomes Ranger Joe's sidekick Lumberjack Jess, and D.J. threatens to get back at Stephanie for her constant prying.
                      Captain Video, Part One
                        Season 5Episode 25
                        Jesse records "Forever" with The Beach Boys, and finally gets a record deal. D.J. tries to convince her dad to let her participate in a summer study program in Barcelona, Spain.
                        Captain Video, Part Two
                          Season 5Episode 26
                          The record company ends up completely ruining Jesse's song, much to Jesse's resentment.
                          Come Fly With Me
                            Season 6Episode 1
                            The family is waiting for D.J to come home from Spain, but she is coming home with a guy, when D.J said hello to everybody. Thinking their big sister doesn't care about them anymore, Stephanie and Michelle accidentally stow away on a plane to New Zealand, confusing nearby Oakland with Auckland.
                            The Long Goodbye
                              Season 6Episode 2
                              Michelle's best friend, Teddy, moves away to Amarillo, Texas, while Danny figures out how to have a long-distance relationship with Vicky.
                              Road to Tokyo
                                Season 6Episode 3
                                Jesse's song "Forever" is #1 on the music charts— in Japan; but the pleasures of Jesse's stardom affect Becky in a negative way.
                                Radio Days
                                  Season 6Episode 4
                                  Jesse and Joey are offered jobs as afternoon radio disc jockeys, but do nothing but argue with each other.
                                  Lovers and Other Tanners
                                    Season 6Episode 5
                                    D.J. forgets all her priorities when her relationship with Steve begins to grow. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey debut their radio show, although Jesse comes down with a cold right before the show.
                                    Educating Jesse
                                      Season 6Episode 6
                                      Jesse reveals to the family that he dropped out of high school, which makes him want to go back. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to learn how to tie her shoes.
                                      Trouble in Twin Town
                                        Season 6Episode 7
                                        Rebecca's rich cousins, Dick and Donna Donaldson, and their twin daughters come to town for a "Best Twins Contest", which then prompts Jesse to enter his twins into the contest.

                                        The Play's the Thing
                                          Season 6Episode 8
                                          Jesse and Joey direct Michelle's play, "Yankee Doodle", but Michelle isn't chosen to be the lead role of Yankee Doodle, something both of her sisters had already been.