The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang
    Season 4Episode 21
    Drywall drama. D.J. and Stephanie punch a hole in the wall and try to spackle their way out of trouble.
    Stephanie Plays the Field
      Season 4Episode 22
      Say it ain't so, Stephanie! Will she throw a Little League game so her boyfriend, who's on the opposing team, can win?
      Joey Goes Hollywood
        Season 4Episode 23
        Joey's going to kick up some sand with Frankie and Annette in a new TV series, and the Tanners tag along for the filming.
        Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
          Season 4Episode 24
          Becky wants to be D.J.'s buddy. But when D.J. sneaks out of the house, Becky discovers she has to act like a parent, too.
          The Graduates
            Season 4Episode 25
            "Are you here to play with D.J.?" Michelle asks when she meets Danny's much, much younger date.
            Rock the Cradle
              Season 4Episode 26
              Here's news that'll rock Jesse and Becky's world. He's going on tour with his band. She's pregnant!
              Double Trouble
                Season 5Episode 1
                Jesse comes home from his summer concert tour with his band to learn that he and Becky are having twins. Meanwhile, Michelle feels left out on her first day of kindergarten.
                Matchmaker Michelle
                  Season 5Episode 2
                  Michelle badly wants a mother, but her choice (her kindergarten teacher) is twice Danny's age.
                  Take My Sister, Please
                    Season 5Episode 3
                    D.J. no longer wishes to share a bedroom with Stephanie, but (thanks to an untimely insult) neither does Michelle. Meanwhile, Danny and Joey fall for Rebecca's childbirth instructor.
                    Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?
                      Season 5Episode 4
                      Danny feels left out of D.J.'s life, and he gets sneaky to find out a big secret about his oldest daughter.
                      The King and I
                        Season 5Episode 5
                        Jesse skips a family picnic to work on writing a song.
                        The Legend of Ranger Joe
                          Season 5Episode 6
                          Joey is offered a job as the host of a children's television program, entitled "The Ranger Joe Show".
                          The Volunteer
                            Season 5Episode 7
                            D.J. volunteers at a local nursing home, and befriends a man with Alzheimer's Disease.
                            Gotta Dance
                              Season 5Episode 8
                              Stephanie decides to pursue dancing full-time, but she does not realize what a major commitment it is. Becky has her baby shower.
                              Happy Birthday, Babies, Part One
                                Season 5Episode 9
                                As Michelle is waiting for her birthday party to start, the entire family looks back at all the good times from Michelle's life.
                                Happy Birthday, Babies, Part Two
                                  Season 5Episode 10
                                  Michelle's birthday party is interrupted by Becky going into labor.
                                  Nicky and/or Alexander
                                    Season 5Episode 11
                                    Back home from the hospital, Jesse can't tell his identical twin sons, Nicky and Alex, apart.
                                    Bachelor of the Month
                                      Season 5Episode 12
                                      Danny is chosen as "Bay Area Bachelor of the Month", much to the disapprovement of Michelle -- and Vicky.
                                      Easy Rider
                                        Season 5Episode 13
                                        Joey teaches Michelle how to ride a bike without training wheels.
                                        Sisters in Crime
                                          Season 5Episode 14
                                          While babysitting her sisters, D.J. decides to take them to the movies with her when her crush drops by unexpectedly. The bad news was when Stephanie & Michelle used all the money for food. So D.J. does not have enough money to pay for them. When Kimmy worked at the movies, D.J. wants her to sneak the girls in. But then Michelle & Stephanie went to the managers office for not having the tickets. Will Kimmy lose her job?