Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor
    Season 4Episode 2
    Original Air Date: 9/28/90
    The I.Q. Man
      Season 4Episode 3
      The Three Musketeers or the Three Stooges? Danny, Jesse and Joey become business partners.
      The I.Q. Man
        Season 4Episode 3
        Original Air Date: 10/5/90
        Slumber Party
          Season 4Episode 4
          A mother-daughter slumber party sounds like fun. But Stephanie wonders what to do if you don't have a mother.
          Good News, Bad News
            Season 4Episode 5
            The good news: Danny asks Jesse and Joey to create a commercial for his TV show. The bad news: They accept.
            A Pinch for a Pinch
              Season 4Episode 6
              Ouch! Jesse's tips on handling a bully lead to a pinching match between Michelle and a little classmate.
              Viva Las Joey
                Season 4Episode 7
                Joey's Las Vegas gig draws a very important person to the audience: his disapproving father.
                Shape Up
                  Season 4Episode 8
                  You can never be too thin...not! D.J. tries to get supermodel skinny to fit into a bikini for Kimmy's pool party.
                  One Last Kiss
                    Season 4Episode 9
                    Jesse's high school reunion means music, memories and - perhaps - a dangerous liaison with a former flame.
                    Terror in Tanner Town
                      Season 4Episode 10
                      Hurricane Rusty hits the Tanner household. Danny's girlfriend's son is a one-tot Category 5.
                      Secret Admirer
                        Season 4Episode 11
                        Who's the intended recipient of an unsigned love note? Cindy? Or Becky? Or Kimmy? Or...?
                        Danny in Charge
                          Season 4Episode 12
                          What's so hard about being a single parent? With Jesse and Joey gone, Danny is about to find out.
                          Happy New Year
                            Season 4Episode 13
                            Insert tape. Hit play. Watch. Fall in love. Joey finds his dream girl via a video dating service.
                            Working Girl
                              Season 4Episode 14
                              The world's coolest tennis shoes cost a cool $160 - so D.J. takes an after-school job to afford them.
                              Ol' Brown Eyes
                                Season 4Episode 15
                                What's more embarassing than a father trying to act like a rock star? Nothing, as far as D.J. is concerned.
                                Stephanie Gets Framed
                                  Season 4Episode 16
                                  Stephanie is bummed out when she must start wearing glasses. Then Steve Urkel pops up with some helpful advice.
                                  A Fish Called Martin
                                    Season 4Episode 17
                                    Michelle gives her new goldfish Martin a bubble bath. Now Martin sleeps with the fishes.
                                    The Wedding Part 1
                                      Season 4Episode 18
                                      It's Jesse and Becky's wedding day, the perfect moment for - skydiving? Jesse, what are you thinking?
                                      The Wedding Part 2
                                        Season 4Episode 19
                                        Here comes the bride...but not the groom. It looks like Jesse may spend his wedding day in the slammer.
                                        Fuller House
                                          Season 4Episode 20
                                          Michelle thinks it's great that Uncle Jesse is married. What's not so great is that he's moving out of the Tanner house.