Divorce Court
    Season 3Episode 8
    The great race. To determine who's the best athlete, Jesse, Danny and Joey lace up their running shoes.
    Dr. Dare Rides Again
      Season 3Episode 9
      Afraid he's losing his edge, Jesse decides to repeat a dangerous stunt he performed in his daredevil youth.
      The Greatest Birthday on Earth
        Season 3Episode 10
        Michelle's circus-themed birthday party features clowns, an elephant, balloons, cake...but no birthday girl!
          Season 3Episode 11
          Earthquake! A temblor shakes everyone up - especially Stephanie, who becomes a clinging Daddy's girl.
          Joey & Stacy and...Oh, Yeah, Jesse
            Season 3Episode 12
            Joey and Jesse are equal partners in their ad business. But maybe some partners are more equal than others.
            No More Mr. Dumb Guy
              Season 3Episode 13
              My Fair Jesse! Joey lends a hand when Jesse strives to raise his culture quotient for an elegant soiree.
              Misadventures in Baby-Sitting
                Season 3Episode 14
                To earn money for her own phone, D.J. babysits. Unfortunately, her little charge is a tiny tower of terror.
                Lust in the Dust
                  Season 3Episode 15
                  She makes Oscar Madison look tidy. Danny dates a neatness-challenged woman.
                  Bye, Bye Birdie
                    Season 3Episode 16
                    On her first day at preschool, Michelle is marked as a birdbrain when she lets the class's pet bird escape.
                    13 Candles
                      Season 3Episode 17
                      Her first kiss. The guys bust up the smooching when D.J. plays spin-the-bottle at her birthday party.
                      Mr. Egghead
                        Season 3Episode 18
                        One job, scrambled. Joey's tryout for the role of TV's Mr. Egghead turns into a shell of a mess.
                        Those Better Not Be the Days
                          Season 3Episode 19
                          It may not be Friday, but it's definitely freaky when the guys and the girls change roles for a day.
                          Honey, I Broke the House
                            Season 3Episode 20
                            Baby, you can't drive my car. Stephanie accidentally starts Joey's new car...and crashes into the kitchen.
                            Just Say No Way
                              Season 3Episode 21
                              A school dance and D.J. with a beer in her hand?! A furious Jesse jumps to the wrong conclusion.
                              Three Men and Another Baby
                                Season 3Episode 22
                                Everyone is charmed by the adorable tot the family is babysitting - everyone except jealous Michelle.
                                Fraternity Reunion
                                  Season 3Episode 23
                                  Dressed for success? A fraternity reunion ends up with Joey and Danny in drag. And in jail.
                                  Our Very First Telethon
                                    Season 3Episode 24
                                    Everyone gets in on the act when Danny hosts the 24-hour We Love Our Children Telethon.
                                    Greek Week
                                      Season 4Episode 1
                                      His big fat Greek wedding? Jesse's Greek relatives come to visit and bring an unusual tradition with them.
                                      Greek Week
                                        Season 4Episode 1
                                        Original Air Date: 9/21/90
                                        Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor
                                          Season 4Episode 2
                                          Michelle wraps Danny around her little finger, and Jesse buys something spectacular for Becky's third finger, left hand.