A Little Romance
    Season 2Episode 11
    While the guys flutter hearts at a charity bachelor auction, D.J. experiences her first broken heart.

    Original Airdate: 1/13/89
    Fogged In
      Season 2Episode 12
      The full house is full of cross Katsopolises when Jesse's bickering parents are fogged in for the night.

      Original Airdate: 1/20/89
      Fogged In
        Season 2Episode 12
        Working Mothers
          Season 2Episode 13
          Quick! Call Mary Poppins! Joey and Jesse have a shot at full-time jobs - but who will look after the girls?
          Little Shop of Sweaters
            Season 2Episode 14
            D.J.'s in a sweat after her sweater, a Valentine's gift from Danny, is mangled by the school lawnmower.
            Pal Joey
              Season 2Episode 15
              Buddy, buddy. New pals and business partners Jesse and Joey make Danny feel like the odd man out.
              Baby Love
                Season 2Episode 16
                The man that got away. Michelle's crying the blues when her playmate Howie goes home to Nebraska.
                El Problema Grande de D.J.
                  Season 2Episode 17
                  D.J.'s "D" in Spanish sends Danny to confront her teacher, who turns out to be a fan...and a cutie.
                  Goodbye Mr. Bear
                    Season 2Episode 18
                    Put him on the endangered species list! Mr. Bear, Stephanie's beloved stuffed animal, goes missing.
                    Blast From the Past
                      Season 2Episode 19
                      Lover, come back to me. The girl who dumped Joey in college tries to rekindle their romance.
                      I'm There for You, Babe
                        Season 2Episode 20
                        D.J. on drums, Kimmy on keyboard. Everyone pitches in when Jesse's band doesn't show up for a gig.
                        Luck Be a Lady, Part 1
                          Season 2Episode 21
                          Beautiful Lake Tahoe - it's the perfect spot for Jesse to pop the question to Rebecca.
                          Luck Be a Lady, Part 2
                            Season 2Episode 22
                            The bride, the groom, the ring...and the voice of doom. Danny tries to stop the wedding.
                            Tanner's Island
                              Season 3Episode 1
                              All they need is the Professor and Mary Ann. The vacationing family is cast away on a Pacific island.
                              Back-to-School Blues
                                Season 3Episode 2
                                Sophisticated lady. To fit in with the other junior-high girls, D.J. plasters on the eye shadow and lip gloss.
                                Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
                                  Season 3Episode 3
                                  What will it take to mend Jesse and Becky's broken relationship? Love, trust...and a little help from D.J.
                                  Nerd for a Day
                                    Season 3Episode 4
                                    Please don't tease! When she mocks a classmate, Stephanie learns that making fun of someone isn't funny.
                                    Granny Tanny
                                      Season 3Episode 5
                                      After Danny's mother retires, she decides to move on with her life - by moving in with Danny.
                                      Star Search
                                        Season 3Episode 6
                                        Time's up! Ten years ago, Joey vowed he'd give himself a decade - and no more - to make it as a comic.
                                        And They Call It Puppy Love
                                          Season 3Episode 7
                                          Daddy, can we keep her? The girls fall for a beautiful stray dog...who's about to have puppies.