Leap of Faith
    Season 8Episode 21
    A guest on "Wake Up, San Francisco" convinces Rebecca to go bungee-jumping, much to Jesse's disapproval. Michelle wants to be more like her big sisters.
    All Stood Up
      Season 8Episode 23
      Stephanie asks a boy at school to go to the dance with her, and he agrees. The night of the dance, the boy doesn't show up, thus "standing her up", and causing Stephanie to cry.
      Michelle Rides Again, Part One
        Season 8Episode 23
        Michelle enters a horse-riding competition, but after she and her rival, Elizabeth, get tired of their parents boasting, they decide not to compete. They go for a ride on their horses, and when Michelle looks at jumping over a log, the horse gets scared, causing Michelle to fall off her horse. This puts her in the hospital with temporary amnesia and a serious head injury.
        Michelle Rides Again, Part Two
          Season 8Episode 24
          The family copes with Michelle's head injury, and they help her to remember all aspects of her life. The entire show concludes with Michelle regaining her memory, and D.J. finally finding a dress for a prom. Scott Weinger returns as "Steve Hale", DJ's boyfriend as her date for the prom. This episode marked the end of the series.