Comet's Excellent Adventure
    Season 8Episode 1
    Michelle takes Comet for a walk, but he gets loose from her, and spends the day roaming around San Francisco. Jesse is also kicked out of 'The Rippers' for his lack of commitment to the band.
    Breaking Away
      Season 8Episode 2
      Nicky and Alex start pre-school, but Jesse isn't ready to let them go. Meanwhile, Stephanie refuses to clean her room.
      Making Out Is Hard to Do
        Season 8Episode 3
        Stephanie goes to a party at Gia's apartment, but it turns out to be an unsupervised make-out party. Meanwhile, special-guest star Barry Williams (of Brady Bunch fame) replaces Jesse as the lead singer of the Rippers.
        I've Got A Secret
          Season 8Episode 4
          Michelle joins a secret club with her friends, and they all take an oath to not tell anyone about it. Michelle tells Danny by accident, and he subsequently gets Michelle kicked out of the club. A certain toy helps Michelle to be re-instated into the club.

          To Joey, With Love
            Season 8Episode 5
            Joey substitute teaches Michelle's class, which Michelle thinks will be all fun and games. However, Michelle gets in trouble with a surprisingly stern Joey.
            You Pet It, You Bought It
              Season 8Episode 6
              Michelle buys a donkey at a petting zoo with her earnings from selling lemonade on a hot day, much to the displeasure of her family.
              On the Road Again
                Season 8Episode 7
                Jesse hits the road with his new band, only to find out that it isn't as glamorous as he once thought it was.
                Claire and Present Danger
                  Season 8Episode 8
                  Stephanie and Gia talk about how great it would be if their parents got married, and they became sisters, which leads Michelle to feel "left out in the cold".
                  Stephanie's Wild Ride
                    Season 8Episode 9
                    Stephanie and Gia go for joy-ride with a pair of high school boys, who drive very recklessly. The rest of the family becomes obsessed with a video game.
                    Under the Influence
                      Season 8Episode 10
                      D.J. and Kimmy go to a college fraternity party, where Kimmy has too much to drink. Upon leaving the party, they argue over what really happened at the party. D.J. also reveals at the end that her mother was killed by a drunk driver.
                      Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen
                        Season 8Episode 11
                        Jesse and Michelle get locked in a toy store on Christmas Eve when they attempt to return a gift to the grumpy owner (Mickey Rooney).
                        D.J.'s Choice
                          Season 8Episode 12
                          Nelson and Viper fight over who deserves to be D.J.'s boyfriend. The family along with the rest of the neighborhood work together to help rebuild their recently vandalized local park. Special guest Frankie Valli.
                          The Producer
                            Season 8Episode 13
                            Rebecca is promoted to producer of "Wake Up, San Francisco", making Danny feel green with envy.
                            Super Bowl Fun Day
                              Season 8Episode 14
                              Joey and Jesse have previously agreed to take Michelle and her friends to the science museum -- on the same day as the Super Bowl. Danny and Becky are on special assignment at the big game in Miami.
                              My Left and Right Foot
                                Season 8Episode 15
                                After being hassled by her sisters while shopping for shoes, Michelle believes that her feet are too big. With her friend's help, Michelle attempts to make them smaller via unusual means.
                                Air Jesse
                                  Season 8Episode 16
                                  Jesse agrees to take part in a charity basketball game, but he clearly doesn't have any skills or knowledge of basketball. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the celebrity referee for the game. Jesse, unknowingly, gets lessons in basketball from him.
                                  Dateless in San Francisco
                                    Season 8Episode 17
                                    In preparation for a Valentine's Day party at school, Michelle and Teddy attempt to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Joey also gets send candy and flowers from a secret admirer.
                                    We Got the Beat
                                      Season 8Episode 18
                                      Stephanie, Kimmy, Gia, and another girl from school start a music band, but they are more concerned with choreography than rehearsing.
                                      Taking the Plunge
                                        Season 8Episode 19
                                        Kimmy goes off to Reno, Nevada to get married to her boyfriend, Duane. Joey meets the Queen of England.

                                        Up on the Roof
                                          Season 8Episode 20
                                          D.J. plans to pull a "classic" senior prank: lifting the principal's car up onto the roof of the school. Jesse, however, decides to take the blame, but D.J. decides to fess up and say she did it. The principal, however, seems angry at first, but he then says that he actually likes the prank.