Down The Hatch/Road Rash
    Season 2Episode 4
    Down The Hatch - When Spunky swallows a Fatheads vitamin pill, Bloaty and
    Squirmy believe they have discovered an ancient and mysterious object.
    Road Rash - Upon finding out the once-famous tourist attraction ''Flemm Rock''
    is slated for demolition,Rocko and Heffer decide to hit the open road by motorcycle on a cross-country journey to see the wondrous marvel one last
    time in all its glory.
    Boob Tubed/Commuted Sentence
      Season 2Episode 5
      Boob Tubed - When Heffer sits too close to the television, his brain is sucked out of his head and into the console,so Rocko and Filburt must travel to TV Central to retrieve it. Commuted Sentence - A traffic jam and Heffer join forces to cause Rocko to lose his job.
      Rocko's Modern Christmas
        Season 2Episode 6
        In this holiday special, Rocko invites everyone,including the elves,over
        for Christmas. But,Mr Bighead spreads rumors about the Elves,which ruins
        the party.
        Hut,Sut,Raw/Kiss Me,I'm Foriegn
          Season 2Episode 7
          Hut,Sut,Raw -Rocko,Heffer,and Filburt go camping. Kiss Me,I'm Foreign - When
          the U.S. Government makes the mistake of saying that Rocko is in America illegally, Filburt poses as his spouse to save him from deportation to Australia.
          Cruisin'/Born To Spawn
            Season 2Episode 8
            Cruisin' - Heffer and Rocko say ''bon voyage'' to Grandpa Wolfe,who's
            going on a cruise. Born To Spawn - It's Filburt's 21st birthday, and the ancient
            breeding ground of Kerplopitgoes Island calls.
            Uniform Behavor
              Season 2Episode 9
              Heffer gets a little taste of authority when he is hired as a security guard.
              Hair Licked/Gutter Balls.
                Season 2Episode 10
                Hair Licked - On the day he is supposed to pose for a newspaper photograph,
                Rocko is having a very bad hair day. Gutter Balls - After a rival bowling team
                quits the tournament, Mr.Bighead gets Rocko to organize his own team called
                ''The Losers'' to bowl against Mr.Bighead's team.
                Junk Junkies/Day of The Flecko
                  Season 2Episode 11
                  Junk Junkies - Rocko needs to pay off the pizza man, so he organizes a yard sale. Day of The Flecko - After Rockos pulls overtime at his job, a housefly named Flecko disrupts his sleep, eventually provoking an outraged Rocko to go on the warpath with a Jackhammer.
                  Snowballs/Frog's Best Friend
                    Season 2Episode 12
                    Snowballs - On their way to deliver comic books,Rocko and Heffer are distracted by a ski resort. Frog's Best Friend - Mrs.Bighead adopts Earl, the
                    neighborhood's stray dog.
                    Short Story/Eyes Capades
                      Season 2Episode 13
                      Short Story - When he's feeling inadequate due to his short stature,
                      Rocko gets a vertical boost from Really Really Big Man. Eyes Capades
                      - Rocko's new glasses break just before the big jackhammer competition.
                      heff in a handbasket
                        Season 4Episode 1
                        Ed Good, Rocko Bad
                          Season 4Episode 2
                          After Being Released From A Dog Pound,Rocko And Ed Fight To See Who Gets The Job As A Dog Catcher.